Thursday, March 19, 2009


Just thought I would let you all know that the roast was yummmmmmmmy!!!  I may have even turned John into a roast fan :)  **If you need a recipe for a good roast, let me know and i will pass it along!** We had a great time last night having mom and bibby over for dinner.  Nelly (mom's dog) even joined us!  Joe had a great time chasing her around the house.  They shared toys.  We had a delicious meal, although Joe really didn't seem in to eating last night.  So, he entertained us while we ate.  After dinner we had coffee and cake (Bibby brought over some left over St Patrick's Day cake... sooo good!) and we relaxed.  I love family.  It was good to have them over...pretty soon here, I don't think I will have time or energy to cook a big meal and entertain.  Two little boys will be soaking all of that up!  
Interesting Joe story:  Yesterday afternoon, my sister Ashley and I were watching Dora the Explorer with Joe.  It was a show about Dora rescuing mermaids from an Octopus who was dumping garbage on their underwater city...  Anyways, Joe was babbling away and I could have sworn that he said "Mermaid".  I asked Ashley if she heard it, but she was busy on her phone and didnt hear.  I thought, he probably didn't mean to, because he doesn't have many words and "mermaid" is much more difficult than the ones he does say.  A minute later though, he pointed at the tv and said muhmay (aka mermaid)... Ashley heard it that time!  So, maybe his vocabulary is about to start expanding.  
Noah update:   I am now a few days past 29 weeks pregnant. So, just over 10 weeks to go if I carry Noah full term.   However, I feel like I am 100 weeks pregnant! I'm not sure how much longer my body can keep little Noah inside... he is going to be a big guy like his brother :)  (I'm trying not to think about it! yikes!)  Noah is moving like crazy.  It's crazy to watch my belly move while he is kicking, throwing punches, and doing gymnastics. I go next Monday for a doctor's apointment, and then i will start seeing my doctor every 2 weeks.  My, how time flies!
John update:  John is still enjoying his job at Briarwood Pres. Church.  He is also working on a few freelance projects, so he is staying busy! We are so thankful that the Lord continues to provide extra projects for him to work on.  With a new baby coming, every little bit helps, and we want to still be able to give to those in need.  I'm so proud of John for working hard and striving to be the best leader of our family that he can be.   I am so blessed to have married such a good, strong, Godly man.  I learn from John everyday.  

Well, today is going to be a low key day.  I have done too much the last couple of days, and my body is telling me to rest.  After Joe's nap we are going to pick up some groceries for a family and then call it a day!  I have worship practice this evening, but it's relaxing for me and it's also a time for me to recharge.  I really enjoy it :)   
Hope you all have a fantastic Thursday! It's almost the weekend! YAY! 

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