Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday, Monday

Well we are coming off of a great weekend!  Friday, Leanne (LeLe) came over to play with me and Joe.  The three of us went to the park and chased Joe around.  Leanne got some great pictures of him. (you can see them on facebook if you have an account!) He always has so much fun at the park, and I'm so glad Leanne got to go with us.  Leanne- thanks for taking time out of your spring break for us! We miss you when you are gone, and love to spend time with you when we can! After the park we went to Chic-Fil-A for some lemonade and french fries.  I have been craving their lemonade during this pregnancy.  It was an awesome Friday.   Friday evening was fun too! John and I spent a lot of time playing with Joe, and after he went down that night, John picked up some Chinese take out and we ate together and watched some t.v. shows we missed during the week.  That has become a common Friday event for us!  Saturday was pretty relaxing.  John had to spend some time finishing a freelance project.  He did a great job on 'N Vogue's website!! (my mom's salon and spa) check it out if you get a chance!      After John finished we played and put Joe down for his nap.  John and I got ready while Joe was sleeping because......YAY! we had a date night!! Mom and Dad volunteered to keep Joe over night for us.  We took them up on that offer, of course!  He had a great time playing outside and inside and i'm sure he got his fair share of junk food :)  He had no problems sleeping over there now that they have an actual crib.  He hates pack n plays and he barely fits in them anymore.  Anyways, John and I went to Macaroni Grill for dinner.  It was delicious! We had a gift card we have been saving since Christmas, so that was great!  We headed to GAP and Baby GAP afterwards... where we used more gift cards!  I got a cute hat and a pair of sandals for Joe, and John got a much needed pair of jeans.  We walked around the Summit a little bit... then headed to blockbuster to rent a movie.  We rented Burn After Reading with Brad Pitt and George Clooney thinking it would be pretty good....NOT at all.  We do not recommend it.  Very slow, not funny, and the story line is, well, it's just not good.  We got to sleep in a little more than usual on Sunday, since Joe wasn't here to wake us up.  I had to be at church early for worship practice and John went to pick Joe up before church.  We went to lunch with some friends after church and we spend the afternoon resting.  When Joe woke up from his nap, we took him to the park, and once again, he had a great time!  
It was a terrific weekend.
TODAY:  I had a doctor's appointment.  Our good friend Cindy watched Joe for me.  I did not gain any weight since my last check up three weeks ago.  Which is a good thing...because I have gained a good bit already.  My weight gain should be slowing down according to my doctor.  I am 29 1/2 weeks pregnant, but when Dr. Barron measured my uterus, she said it was measuring 33 weeks. WOW! I knew that I was bigger than I was with Joe at this point, and I definitely feel very pregnant....which i was told was very normal for a second pregnancy, especially this close together. We may be having another ultrasound soon if I keep measuring that far ahead.  There is a possibility that the due date may be wrong. Or, I'm just one of those women who have big babies.  My doctor said, "Well, Joe just stretched everything out and Noah is having no problem moving right in!" Noah is doing great.  His heart rate is perfect and he is moving like crazy. And I mean crazy!  I can't wait to meet this sweet little boy.  I already feel attached to him.  It's different than when i was pregnant with Joe, because I didn't know what to expect, everything was new and different.  I think this birth will be much more emotional and enjoyable than the first, because there aren't many unknowns to worry about/think about. It's nice feeling more prepared.  And I am thankful that the first few months with Noah will be much less stressful and tense now that we know what we are doing :)  
I guess I'm starting to get long winded to I will wrap this up!  We hope you have a great week!   

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Leanne said...

I had so much fun with yall on Friday too! I love how much Joe likes Chick Fil A cracks me up. And I cannot WAIT to meet Noah either. Talk to you later!