Friday, February 27, 2009

More of Life :)

Hi again!  I'm writing today as Joe is eating his lunch that consists of a cheese and chicken quesadilla, raisins, and banana.  He is thoroughly enjoying it!  Today is a yucky rainy day.  We have storms coming through, so the clouds are black and the wind is picking up.  It will be a good day for me to nap when Joe goes down!  He naps once a day.  He eats lunch around 11ish and usually goes down around 12 and sleeps until 2:30.  Then down again for the night around 7:15-7:30.  He is doing great with his schedule.  
I encourage you all to check out this blog that i stumbled upon yesterday.  The blog site is  and the link to the ministry page is on the left of our blog.  You have got to look at this blog. I have been reading it every chance that i get.  There is a girl named Katie, from Brentwood TN, who at the age of 19 gave up her very comfortable life in the states to move to Uganda to start a ministry there for children.  (She is only 20 now) Over the last year she has adopted 11 girls who live with her there in her small home, and she feeds, pays for school, bathes, and pays for medical care for over 200 more.  The ministry that she started allows her to give an abundant life in Jesus to orphans and children whose families can not afford to take care of them.  The Lord speaks to me and challenges me as i read her postings.  At such a young age, she extends the love of Jesus more than anyone I know or have heard of.   Please read some of her writings...i know the Lord will speak to you through them as well.  John and I are praying about getting involved and hopefully sponsoring one of the children.  $300 a year gives a child an abundant life in Africa.  This pays for 2 hot meals a day at Katies home, schooling for the year plus supplies, uniform, and shoes.  It also covers medical care.  And it allows Katie and her small staff to give spiritual encouragement to that child and their family if they have one.  Katie has over 200 children in her small home on Fridays after school for a hot meal, bible study, and worship.  These children all stay the night and are given a hot meal before going back to their homes.  A mother to 11 + 200 at the age of blows my mind.  Her faith...   well i just don't have the words.
After reading her blog, my heart is so heavy and i'm still not sure exactly what the Lord is trying to teach/show me through it, but I do know that i want to love like Katie loves.  She knows how to love just as Christ loves, and I hope that I will learn exactly what that looks like and how to do it always, unconditionally, with everyone i meet.  She is a great example to follow.  
Well, I need to get Joe man cleaned up and ready for his nap!  Hope you have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What a mess!

I'm sitting here writing this blog as Joe is chowing down on a strawberry cream cheese Toaster Strudel.  You should see what I see! His face is covered with red and white stickyness.  He is also eating raisins, and since his face is covered in sticky stuff he has a raisin stuck on his left cheek and two on his chin.  Can't wait to clean this up! (hope you sense the sarcasm :) ) At least he is enjoying it!  He has been a very picky eater recently.  We aren't sure why, because he used to love food, and the food he once loved, he now seems to despise.  At his 15 month check up, the doctor assured us that this is normal and there may be days that he doesnt eat a thing.  He said, "he will eat what you give him when he is hungry".  Then he went on to say, "this phase will pass...maybe not until he is 3-5, but it will pass."  Geez! But, he is still growing great, so i am not worried.  This morning we are playing around the house.  We will probably draw a picture for Daddy.  Joe loves coloring.  He likes to see what comes from scribbling with the different color crayons.  And, so far, he has yet to try and color on anything but paper.  Thank goodness!  We are waiting to hear from my sister, Aunt Ashley.  She doesnt have class or work today, so she is going to spend some time with us.  Joe loves to play with her and he really loves to play with her cell phone.  Hers is much cooler than mommy and daddy's.  
We are excited to spend time with Daddy when he comes home today.  Last night he got to hang out with some of his friends, so we didnt see as much of him.  I'm so glad John has friends that he can watch hockey with.  (Of course, they aren't from Alabama.)  He had a great time with his buddies, and we are glad Daddy has such good friends....but we are even more glad that we get alllll of his attention tonight.  I love watching John and Joe play.  They are always special moments that bring so much joy to me.  Well, i better get messy boy cleaned up.  I'm going to let him watch one of his cartoons before I make him watch Rachael Ray with me at 10.  Have a great Wednesday!    

Monday, February 23, 2009

What a fun weekend!

Hello again!  The Schluchter family had a great weekend together.  As I mentioned before, my sister and I took Joe to the park Friday afternoon.  But, before we went to the park we stopped in Serendipity Sweets to get Joe a treat.  (Pops gave us some cash to spoil his grandson a little bit!) Ashley and I both got some ice cream (EggNog for her, Cake batter for me).  Joe got his own little spoon and we shared.  We also got him some sour gummy worms, which he loved.  He really enjoys sour things and doesn't mind spicy food either.  It was such a cute sweets shop...we will definitely be going back!  The park was so fun.  Joe spent 45 minutes running all over the place,exploring,  sliding, swinging, and swinging on the tire swing with Aunt Ash.  Ashley got some great pictures, which i will post when i get access to them (hint, hint Ash :) )  We had a blast and Joe was worn out!  
Good News! Joe is back to sleeping until 7:15 or later (at least it has been that way the past 3 days)  The past week of 6 am waking up was rough on me.  Saturday Joe woke us up, and John spent a little time with him watching cartoons before I came out to join in on the fun.  We had a few minutes to chill out together and then we all got ready for the day.  John deconstructed our futon for my sister to use, and, thank goodness for good friends, Jerry Rainey came over with his van to help us transport that massive piece of furniture to Ashley's house.  Joe and I followed because we havent seen her house yet.  We were greated by Ash and lots of dogs! Ashley has 3 roommates, and between the four of them, there are 4 dogs.  Joe had a blast playing with them...especially Ashley's boxer/lab Lily and Allison's little dog Trixie.  They kept Joe busy while John and Jerry put together the futon for Ashley.  
Afterwards we took Joe to Moe's Southwest Grill for lunch.  He enjoyed a yummy cheese quesadilla and some chocolate chip cookie :)    John and I had work to do around the house, so we went home to put Joe down for a nap.  He was worn out and slept for 3 hours and 15 minutes.  While Joe was blessing us with his long nap, John and I continued cleaning out his office so that we can soon move Joe's room into there.  John also cleaned out the garage so that we will have room for some of his office furniture out there.  We got a lot completed, so Joe will be in his new room soon.  Noah will take over Joe's old room, and poor John loses his office space.  I think he would agree when i say, the kiddos are worth it :) 
When Joe woke up, we went to my mom and dads house (Honey and Pops) for a hamburger grill out.  Yummmm.  Mom and I prepared our dinner while John, Joe, Dad and Nelly (the dog) hung out on the back porch grilling the burgers.  Dinner was delicious and Joe actually ate his corn and black beans.  I was proud.. he has been such a picky eater lately.  
After dinner we put Joe in the bath...he loves mom and dad's garden tub.  This time, we filled it with bubbles and turned on the jets for the first time.  Joe loved it!  He also loved eating the bubbles.  We took some great pictures, and i will post them soon...hopefully this evening.  
He is such a funny and sweet boy.  I love watching him experience new things.  
Sunday was a fun day as well.  I woke up before the boys to shower and get ready.  John and I alternate being at church early.  (Every other Sunday I sing and the opposites John runs the computer during the service) So I got ready before John had to leave and so he could watch Joe while I was busy.  John played with Joe...lots of tickling, running, wrestling, and laughing...while i finished up.  Then John got ready and left for church.  Joe and I met up with daddy at church and I had nursery duty.  Joe never got used to the fact that i was actually in there to stay... everytime i moved he would grab on to me like, "dont live mommy!".  Church was great and we out to eat afterwards with Morgan, Joe, and little Zane.  One of Joe's best buddies.  We had a relaxing afternoon together and then met up at our church's new building to pray and worship before any renovation or moving takes place.  It was a great time with our church body.  Joe loved the worship time, but decided to run around and explore, loudly, during prayer time.  At least he wasnt the only child there.  There were lots of noises from other little ones.  We are so blessed to have a church thriving with families of children.  Even in the midst of concentrated prayer time, its such a joy to hear laughter and sounds coming from children.  After church we picked up our $5 Little Ceasars Pizza (becoming a sunday night ritual) and went home to eat a enjoy family time.  I love the Sunday evenings, but i dont like knowing that John's work week starts the next day and we will see much less of him until the next weekend comes.  I cherish our times when we are all together.  I love my boys so much.  
Anyways, we had a great weekend, and we hope you did too!!!  
Pictures soon!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Glad It's Friday!

Hello All!  Joe is napping, so I thought I would post another blog.  I'm on a roll :)  Not much new is going on.  Yesterday afternoon Joe and I went to the grocery store.  We were in much need of some grub.  I am always hopeful that Joe will be a good boy at the store, but he still hates the grocery cart.  They have carts for kids that make them feel like they are driving a car, with a steering wheel and all, but he still hates being contained and strapped in.  He would much rather run wild grabbing everything off of the shelves!  Thank goodness for the deli lady.  She gave Joe a piece of cheese to snack on while I shopped, and that kept him content for most of our trip.  Snacks from home just aren't good enough!  He is very loud in public, babbling to everyone that walks by.  It is funny and most people talk back to him. Occasionally it's a little embarrassing.  I'm sure there are those thinking, "Why can't you keep your kid quiet?!?"  But that's ok.  I've learned early on with Joe to just relax, enjoy him, and try not to worry about what other people are thinking (as long as he is not being a trouble maker, that is.)  
Joe got to spend some quality time with daddy last night. I have worship practice every Thursday evening, so i make the boys dinner and leave when John gets home.  I think they really enjoy their date night :)  They watched hockey last night, and John gave Joe a bath..which he absolutely loves.  He is going to be a great swimmer I think.  
Joe has been a great sleeper.  For the past few months he has gone to bed around 7:30 and woken up around 7:30 or 8.  This past week though, he has been waking up between 6:00-6:30.  I guess his body doesn't need as much rest or he has decided he likes being an early riser.  Here i was thinking i was so lucky, because most of my friends' children wake up a good bit earlier than he did.  Not anymore.  Joe has decided to join in on the early morning wake up.  My body is having to get used to waking up earlier.  I have been so tired all week!  
Today, the power company is turning our power off for 3-4 hours to work on the lines.  When Joe wakes up we are going to head over to my mom and dad's house (honey and pops) to meet my sister (aunt ash).  Ashley and I are going to take Joe to the park for a little bit.  He could slide all day long if he were allowed!  It's hard for me to take him to places such as the park by myself these days.  I have a hard time chasing him, bending over, picking him up, etc. because of my growing belly.  I was at the hospital last week and a nurse asked, "are you about to have your baby?!?" ... I said, "no!".  She asked how long it would be, and i told her about 15 weeks.  Her jaw dropped.  I am about 25 weeks now, but i think my belly is about the size of my belly when i was 30-32 weeks with Joe.  My doctor says i'm measuring normally, though.  She had told me from the beginning i would get bigger faster, sorer faster, and just feel way more pregnant than I did before... especially having Joe to take care of all day.  
Anyways, we are looking forward to getting out of the house today.  We hope you all enjoy your Friday!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Catching Up!

It's been a long time since we have updated our blog!!  Joe is busy watching Dora the Explorer and playing with blocks, so I have a few minutes to try and update you on our lives!  Let's start with John.  He is now working at Briarwood Presbyterian Church doing graphic design.  He loves his job and he is so very good at it! He is enjoying being able to use his talents to help further the kingdom of our Lord.  He is also taking on some freelance jobs on the side (call him if you need him!) He is the best daddy and the most wonderful husband.  Joe and I are so blessed and we miss him so much during the day when he is working.  As for me,  I am pregnant with our second baby boy.  I am about 25 weeks along.  Noah Russell Schluchter's due date is June 2nd of this year.  We are anxiously awaiting his arrival! I know Joe will love having a play mate so close to his age. (They will be 18 1/2 months apart.)  The pregnancy has been pretty good so far! My only complaint is lack of sleep.  And, it is getting to be more challenging trying to keep up with Joe.  I am enjoying spending my days with him, watching him grow and learn.  He makes me smile and laugh countless times a day!  Moving on to crazy man Joe...  He is 15 months old, weighing in at a whopping 24 pounds! He is in the 50th percentile for his weight, and the 90th percentile in his height.  He is walking/running very well.  He loves to climb anything and everything. (Can you see why i am having a hard time keeping up?!?)  He does not like to be contained...he wants to be on his feet all the time.  Therefore, strollers, buggies, and high chairs are not his favorite right now.  He loves, loves, loves, playing outside.  He likes to whack bushes and such with sticks and he loves kicking balls around the yard.  We just got a  sandbox, so he will soon be playing there too! He will sit forever putting blocks and things in and out of their shaped holes.  He follows commands very well and seems to understand most of everything we tell him.  He has a few words... "mama" "dada" or "dayee"(for daddy) "nana" (for banana) "baba" (for bye bye) and "doe" (for Joe).  He is a sweet sweet little boy, who is anxious to explore and loves life!  We love him so much and we can't wait to have these experiences with Noah.  
As for our family, we have been attending a church called Elevation in Helena.  We have been there over 2 months and we are enjoying using our talents and gifts there to serve the Lord.  It is so neat to see God moving in this church, and we are so glad to be apart of it!  
It's almost nap time for Joe, so this is it for now!  He needs his rest for a super exciting trip to the grocery store this afternoon!  Keep checking in on our blog.  I am committing to update it much more often :)  Sorry it's been so long! Look for recent pictures very soon!