Friday, February 27, 2009

More of Life :)

Hi again!  I'm writing today as Joe is eating his lunch that consists of a cheese and chicken quesadilla, raisins, and banana.  He is thoroughly enjoying it!  Today is a yucky rainy day.  We have storms coming through, so the clouds are black and the wind is picking up.  It will be a good day for me to nap when Joe goes down!  He naps once a day.  He eats lunch around 11ish and usually goes down around 12 and sleeps until 2:30.  Then down again for the night around 7:15-7:30.  He is doing great with his schedule.  
I encourage you all to check out this blog that i stumbled upon yesterday.  The blog site is  and the link to the ministry page is on the left of our blog.  You have got to look at this blog. I have been reading it every chance that i get.  There is a girl named Katie, from Brentwood TN, who at the age of 19 gave up her very comfortable life in the states to move to Uganda to start a ministry there for children.  (She is only 20 now) Over the last year she has adopted 11 girls who live with her there in her small home, and she feeds, pays for school, bathes, and pays for medical care for over 200 more.  The ministry that she started allows her to give an abundant life in Jesus to orphans and children whose families can not afford to take care of them.  The Lord speaks to me and challenges me as i read her postings.  At such a young age, she extends the love of Jesus more than anyone I know or have heard of.   Please read some of her writings...i know the Lord will speak to you through them as well.  John and I are praying about getting involved and hopefully sponsoring one of the children.  $300 a year gives a child an abundant life in Africa.  This pays for 2 hot meals a day at Katies home, schooling for the year plus supplies, uniform, and shoes.  It also covers medical care.  And it allows Katie and her small staff to give spiritual encouragement to that child and their family if they have one.  Katie has over 200 children in her small home on Fridays after school for a hot meal, bible study, and worship.  These children all stay the night and are given a hot meal before going back to their homes.  A mother to 11 + 200 at the age of blows my mind.  Her faith...   well i just don't have the words.
After reading her blog, my heart is so heavy and i'm still not sure exactly what the Lord is trying to teach/show me through it, but I do know that i want to love like Katie loves.  She knows how to love just as Christ loves, and I hope that I will learn exactly what that looks like and how to do it always, unconditionally, with everyone i meet.  She is a great example to follow.  
Well, I need to get Joe man cleaned up and ready for his nap!  Hope you have a great weekend!

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