Monday, May 30, 2011

Ups, Downs, Uncertainties

This past month has been.... well, i don't really have a word for it.... so, I'll just say, crazy.

In the last month we have packed up our lives and moved from Birmingham, AL to Omaha, NE.

We spent two weeks trying to settle in and establish a new normal.

Then a storm came. A life storm.

My brother- in- law went to be with Jesus.

My sweet family, especially my sister, has experienced great heart ache in the last couple of weeks.

We went back to Birmingham to walk along side my family through this gut wrenching pain.

We watched my sister endure something I never thought life would bring her way.

We watched her transform to be more like Jesus - and become more in love with Him.

We watched God's faithfulness, comfort, peace, strength, and even joy fall on all of us.

We left Birmingham, again, to go back to Omaha. (this time was even harder than the last)

My biggest fear about moving has/is happening.

I wasn't at home when tragedy struck. I'm not at home to help pick up the pieces. I'm not able to physically be with them to encourage them and lift their spirits. I'm having to grieve without the people who relate most by my side. It's hard.

We made it back to Omaha just in time for Noah's 2nd Bday. (pics in the post below)

We're grateful to already have "family" here to help us celebrate life.

We were able to have a super fun, last minute planned party with people we love.

We have had a weekend full of parties and get togethers, and I don't feel alone.  (That's a blessing!)

We don't know what the future holds, but this we know for sure... our God is faithful. He provides. He has a plan. And in the midst of this storm, He is already proving it. And, we will praise His great name.

**I'll share more about my awesome sister and brother- in- law in time, but for now, read about him.  God is using his life, still, here on this earth as he rests in the arms of his Savior.**

My sweet brother- in -law, Dr. Ben Wadsworth

Noah is 2!

Click on the link to see a few pics from the party. (Great news- these were taken with a real camera. No cell phone snap shots in this post!)

Noah's 2nd Bday Party in Omaha

Friday, May 13, 2011


We're here!

We moved into our house about a week and a half ago, so we have been busy trying to settle in.

I realize that I have been MIA recently, so I just wanted to let you all know that we made it and that we are adjusting nicely!

I'll work on a post this weekend (if things slow down) with lots of pictures of our new home, and of course, the boys.

Here are a few random snapshots to hold you over...

First morning in our house. Breakfast picnic on the kitchen floor :)

The boys loving their own playroom. 

Joe: our budding photographer
(Family dinner @ Red Robin)


Can't wait to give you more of a glimpse of our Omaha life!

For now, I'm busy trying to bloom where I have been planted.

House post to come!