Wednesday, April 20, 2011

4 Generations + FUN

Yesterday the boys and I got to spend the day with my mom (Honey) and my grandmother (Bibby). We had so much fun together! I'm so glad we got to do that before we leave... but mad at myself that we haven't had days like this more often. I have learned recently that I take my family for-granted. I hate that I'm leaving with regrets of not spending more time with them. Anyways, I did a little documenting of our day....

We had plans to go to the zoo.  We pulled in to find buses everywhere and not a parking place in sight.  We didn't even attempt to find a spot.  I decided we should make other plans, because things would probably be more stressful than fun with SO MANY people there.  (We all know I don't need more stress right now! ;)

Snapshots begin with my view from the very back seat...

Mom and Bibby up front
Dora on the DVD player
Joe and Noah in the middle
Me lonely in the back :)

Lunch @ Zoe's in Soho

Railroad Park Downtown

This is as high as his sweet little feet made it off the ground. A little too difficult for my littlest.

"Stuuuuuuck Mama!"

My monkey

The most beautiful great grandmother I have EVER seen! :)
We love our Bibby!

This is not sunburn people. This is how hard we played!

Back in Soho for Tutti Frutti frozen yogurt

Noah's concoction: Reece's Peanut Butter froyo 
with reece's pieces, chocolate chips, and pretzles

Joe's concoction: Birthday cake froyo
with gummy worms, m &m 's, and gummy bears

Oh, this little guys is so MESSY

On the way Home

Messy yogurt shirt off. Zonked. 
(sorry so blurry, but I had to share!)
Joe stayed awake until we pulled off our exit (1 mile from home).
He argued with me, with his eyes closed, that he was not sleepy and didn't need a nap.
I think he was wrong. :)

We had such a great day and hope to get another one of those in before we leave! 

Countdown to the Big Move: 8 days. (Yikes!)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Some Firsts...

So, we've had a few firsts around here lately...

We had a Taco Bell picnic on the couch. We had tornados this day and I had to pick Joe up from school early due to the weather, so we ran by Taco Bell on the way home and decided to do something a little different for lunch. Their little eyes are glued to the movie Ponyo- which is pretty great, I think!
Can you tell they were worn out??

Noah fed himself cereal for the first time. YUMMY Captain Crunch!

I cooked asparagus a new way the other day.  I didn't feel like being extra careful that they wouldn't burn or fall through the grate, so I gave this a try...

Trim the tough edges of the asparagus and peel a few garlic cloves

Place them on some foil, drizzle with EVOO, sprinkle with a generous amount of sea salt and black pepper, and through in a pinch of red pepper flakes. Lemon juice would be good too!
Fold the foil around the asparagus into a packet and place it on the grill. 10 minutes tops. I turned my packet over half way through.

Joe has (well, had) his first pet bug. A lady bug that he named "Goga". We found her in the front yard one day. She was a tough little thing...surviving little hands poking and grabbing at her until I came to her rescue. I noticed this morning that she was dead. :( 
That's Joe's grass that he is growing. It's a school project. It needs a trim.

We had our first going away party. :( We have great friends and are so blessed by them.  We had a cook out at Laura's house with yummy food and great hang out time.  They put together a travel basket for us. They are so great for thinking to do that.  It will keep the boys entertained and their tummies happy as we travel to Omaha. Thank you, friends!!!! (I'm not going to talk about how much you guys mean to us. I'll save it for a later post. I've cried too much in the past 24 hours :) )
You can't really see what all is in there... lots of toys, treats, eats, and drinks!

And a Second

We had a second "Going Away Party".  This time it was with my family and the Rosser's.  We had a delicious southern home cooked meal and plenty of desserts. I LOVE my FAMILY. And, I'm so glad that Gabe, Sara Beth, and Stevie were there too. They're family. (And I'm not going to write about any of these people right now either. Another post will come. Not ready for that yet. Sigh.)
I never thought that one of our family get- togethers would be in honor of sending us off to another state. 
Anyways, My family went in together and got us a hefty Target gift card. AWESOME! It will go towards all the things we need for our new home! So helpful!

And, Sara Beth made me this. I love home made gifts. AND this one is BEAUTIFUL. I'll cherish it forever and think of my Rosser's every time I look at it.  
Isn't she crazy creative?!

Well, that's it for now. I feel like I have so much to blog about. I'll be working on it.

Count down to the Big Move:  11 days.  (OH MY)

Sunday, April 17, 2011


This spoke to my heart this morning.

I hope you find it as encouraging and inspiring as I did!

Take A LOOK.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Favorite Soup- Chipotle Chicken. YUMMMMY

I love soup, but can't find one from a can that I like. So, a few months ago, I went to the store, threw these ingredients in my cart, and MAGIC happened. I've made this soup many a times since. I've never written down my recipe, so I'm giving it a go here.  It's easy, super delicious, healthy, and I could eat it many times every day...So, I make lots of it at once!

Here goes nothin'!

1 large Sweet Onion, chopped
1 large handful of matchstick carrots, chopped
4 cloves garlic, chopped
1 chipotle pepper in adobo sauce, chopped, + 1 Tablespoon of adobo sauce (more or less depending on  how spicy you like it!'s a smokey heat)
I large (or 2 small) tomato, chopped
2 large Russet Potatoes, cubed
1 can black beans, rinsed and drained
1 can pinto beans, rinsed and drained
1 can mexi-corn
Rotisserie Chicken, shredded
1 1/2 large containers chicken stock
Juice of 2 limes
cilantro, big handful, chopped

Garnishes (optional):
more cilantro
green onion
sour cream
shredded cheese (mmm pepper jack!)
tortilla chips

*I like to serve this soup with cheese quesadillas to dip*

Use a big pot!

Sauté your onion, garlic and carrots until tender.
Add your chipotle pepper, tomato, and adobo sauce. Stir and season with salt.
Add your chicken, beans, and corn, stir and add more salt.
Add your broth and lime juice. Stir Well. (taste here for saltiness. I'm a salt girl, so i usually add more)
Add your potatoes.
Let the soup simmer, about 20 minutes, until potatoes are tender.
Stir in cilantro before serving.

Add your garnishes, grab a margarita, and enjoy! :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Done Being Sick! Please! (long post- warning!)

So, it has been a crazy week. We came back from Omaha last Tuesday with a home under contract! Woo Hoo! (I still want to put more effort into a post all about that trip, with John, when he has a moment to spare :)

Anyways, Wednesday afternoon I noticed that I could constantly feel my heart beating a little harder than usual.  Occasionally it seemed to skip a beat. It was really annoying, but I decided not to worry about it yet.  This happened on into the evening and I had a little trouble falling asleep because of it. Once I was out, though, I was out. This started happening again late Thursday afternoon and into that night.  And again on Friday afternoon and evening. I woke up Saturday and almost instantly started feeling the same way again. I had a lot to do for my wonderful friend's shower, so i tried to ignore it all day.  I chalked it up to stress, from being in Omaha (the house hunt was someone stressful), traveling (which, after a HORRIBLE experience on a plane a few years ago, I get anxious every time I'm on one), preparing for the shower (disclaimer- SB, do NOT feeling guilty about this! I really wasn't stressed about it. I was so excited. And I wanted to do everything I did and more for you and sweet Silas. Wouldn't have changed anything about that- except you would have had your donuts, balloons, and hand written card :)- but it was another thing on my plate), preparing myself emotionally for our move, and getting a plan together for the big move.

Saturday, I pushed through the annoying heart beats, got everything done that I needed to get done, and I slept pretty well that night with some Tylenol Simply Sleep- Target brand rather.

Sunday. Oh, Sunday. Day of SB's shower, that I was SO looking forward to.

I woke up with my chest feeling heavy.  I felt like I couldn't get enough air in when I breathed. Not fun.  Still thinking it could be stress, I told myself, let's make it through this shower. I don't want to miss it for anything, anyways.  Maybe once everything is ready and a go, this will all melt away.


I go to mom's early Sunday morning. (This is where we were having the shower) We had lots of decorations to put up, pick up and food to put out, etc.  I figured getting there really early would allow me to do things calmly and stress free.

On the way to mom's, the heaviness on my chest got, well, heavier.  I was border-line light headed. I was a little scared.  I stopped off the exit to gas, in fear that I wouldnt make it to mom's without doing so.

I pulled up, parked by a pump, and questioned whether or not i should ask the firemen parked right next to me to take me to the hospital, or something.  I was almost in panic mode from the crazy things my body was doing.

I stepped out of my car and things got a little better. I could breathe better and my chest wasnt as heavy.

I decide I didn't need to talk to the firemen so I went on my way.

I arrived at mom's and she suggested we go get breakfast. Maybe I would feel better with some yummy food and good conversation.  At this point, we still think it's anxiety or maybe acid reflux. My mom was diagnosed with it a few years ago after having heart tests done, because she was having some similar symptoms I was.

Things get worse. By the time we eat breakfast, which was delicious, (GO TO OVER EASY IN MTN BROOK PEOPLE!) my left arm is hurting and tingling.

I'm thinking HEART ATTACK.

We meet John, who has the boys at lunch after they had gone to church, and we make a trade off.  He takes me to the E.R. and mom takes the boys.  (now i'm worried she will have a heart attack, having to set up for the shower herself, and keep my kids)

I didn't have to wait long at all in the E.R. which made me more anxious. Aren't you supposed to wait for hours when you are there? Guess I was a serious case. I'm not complaining.

They did lots of tests, ruled out lots of things, and diagnosed me with pericarditis.

Pericarditis is an inflammation of the pericardium (the fibrous sac surrounding the heart). A characteristic chest pain is often present.
From Wikipedia

They give me a couple of prescriptions and I'm on my way.  Making the last half of the shower!!!!  I was so excited I could get there.  I talked to SB on the phone while in my hospital bed, and I was extremely emotional, not because I was afraid of being there- in the hospital, but so sad that I might miss her shower. Sad that I might miss a moment to celebrate my buddy Silas joining her family.

Anyways, things don't get better. Now I'm freaking out a little.  The E.R. referred me to a cardiologist for a follow up appointment, but they wouldnt see me until May 5th. Hello! I won't even be in the state at that time.

Things get worse.  I can't sit.  Standing and walking around are the only things that keep me partially comfortable. My chest is tight and heavy. It's laboring to breathe. 

Thank goodness for family with connections.  I got in to see a cardiologist last Wednesday. Thank the Lord.  

Side note:  I was a little nervous to meet this Dr.  I met him once before, when my precious grandfather was in the hospital, on the last day of his life.  I met him when he told my family that there was nothing left for him to do for my grandfather.  That was the hardest day of my life this far.  As I'm sitting in the cardiologists office, waiting for him to come in, feeling a bit nervous, I realized that it was exactly 5 years to the day that my grandfather, my Papa, went to heaven to be with his Savior.  It was 5 years to the day that that doctor looked into the eyes of my huge family and said, no more could be done. Tears.

Doc looked at my ER tests, looked at my x rays, listened to my heart and lungs, and did a stress test.  Everything was checking out.  In fact, i did NOT have pericarditis and there was nothing in my ER file to base that conclusion on.  Interesting.

He wanted me to come to the hospital the following day for an echocardiogram just to rule out anything that these other tests could miss. (their machine was broken at the time).

I left there feeling better than I had in a week.  Very strange.  In fact, i stayed feeling well that evening, through the night, and during the morning.  My mom went with me back to the hospital this time.  On the way there, my symptoms started returning.  They came back in full when we entered the main part of the hospital. The part I hadn't been in since my grandfather died.  

The echo checked out perfectly. Good strong heart.

I met with the Doc again, afterwards, and he is pretty sure it's stress/anxiety. 


Stress and anxiety can do this to me?! What?! I was relieved and frustrated. Relieved that nothing was really wrong me. Frustrated that this move was doing this to me.  I didn't even realize I was that stressed. I thought I was handling it really well. 

The Doc explained that he knew this had to be extremely stressful for me.  He knows the closeness of my family.  He knows I have two young boys.  He said for me not to be bearing this stress emotionally, it had to manifest itself another way.

Though hard to believe, I believed him, especially after seeing what stress has done to my mom.

I am my mother's daughter. :)

He prescribed me a chill pill as needed.  I've only needed it a couple of times, and my symptoms completely disappear after I take it.  

The funny thing, is that since we have figured out what was going on, my symptoms have decreased greatly. You better believe I'm praising the Lord for that!!

So, I was excited to spend this weekend, feeling good, catching up on some rest, and playing with my family.


Sinus Infection.


But I'll take it.  I still feel 100 times better than last week and now I have meds for that too, so I'm on the mend. In fact, Joe is helping...

Upon returning from the doctor's office this morning, he insisted
that he take off my boring nude color band aid and replace it
with an awesome Spongebob one. Because Spongebob makes
boo boos better faster. Perfect placement, Joe!

I know that was long. But, please read the post below this one too! We want your help!

Have any of you had anything like this happen from stress?!? Tell me I'm not the only one.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Help Us Find A Cure For Cystic Fibrosis!!

As you know, we are moving to Omaha at the end of this month. (a detailed post to come soon!...i promise!)  A couple of weekends after we get there, we will be walking in the Great Strides event of Omaha to raise money to find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis.  There is a family at our church that is affected by CF, and we are excited to walk on behalf of them.  On a personal level, my uncle Joey died of complications related to Cystic Fibrosis a week after I was born.  I never got to meet him, and I certainly can't wait to meet him in heaven one day.  The four of us are walking on his behalf as well.

I'm writing this to ask you to consider sponsoring our family as we join in this fight for a cure.  There is a place on our homepage where you can click to donate. Every little bit helps.

Thank you for thinking of all of those hurting because of CF, and thank you for your support! I'm praying that everything we give will be multiplied until a cure is found!

Monday, April 4, 2011


Sorry we haven't written our Omaha post!

It was a crazy week and I ended up in the hospital yesterday with pericarditis. (inflammation of the sac around the heart)

No, it was not fun going to the emergency room with heart attack symptoms at the ripe age of 26. :)

I'm at home recovering...taking meds and resting.

We'll get on it as soon as I'm feeling better! We can't wait to share with you what all has/is happening.