Wednesday, April 20, 2011

4 Generations + FUN

Yesterday the boys and I got to spend the day with my mom (Honey) and my grandmother (Bibby). We had so much fun together! I'm so glad we got to do that before we leave... but mad at myself that we haven't had days like this more often. I have learned recently that I take my family for-granted. I hate that I'm leaving with regrets of not spending more time with them. Anyways, I did a little documenting of our day....

We had plans to go to the zoo.  We pulled in to find buses everywhere and not a parking place in sight.  We didn't even attempt to find a spot.  I decided we should make other plans, because things would probably be more stressful than fun with SO MANY people there.  (We all know I don't need more stress right now! ;)

Snapshots begin with my view from the very back seat...

Mom and Bibby up front
Dora on the DVD player
Joe and Noah in the middle
Me lonely in the back :)

Lunch @ Zoe's in Soho

Railroad Park Downtown

This is as high as his sweet little feet made it off the ground. A little too difficult for my littlest.

"Stuuuuuuck Mama!"

My monkey

The most beautiful great grandmother I have EVER seen! :)
We love our Bibby!

This is not sunburn people. This is how hard we played!

Back in Soho for Tutti Frutti frozen yogurt

Noah's concoction: Reece's Peanut Butter froyo 
with reece's pieces, chocolate chips, and pretzles

Joe's concoction: Birthday cake froyo
with gummy worms, m &m 's, and gummy bears

Oh, this little guys is so MESSY

On the way Home

Messy yogurt shirt off. Zonked. 
(sorry so blurry, but I had to share!)
Joe stayed awake until we pulled off our exit (1 mile from home).
He argued with me, with his eyes closed, that he was not sleepy and didn't need a nap.
I think he was wrong. :)

We had such a great day and hope to get another one of those in before we leave! 

Countdown to the Big Move: 8 days. (Yikes!)

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Tkh said...

Misty - that is so sweet. Thanks for sharing. Praying for you. I remember crying so many tears when I left Wisconsin years ago. (WOULDN'T TRADE THAT FOR THE WORLD NOW) When my mom left us kids in Illinois to retire with Dad to Florida (at age 49!!) she cried all the way to Tennessee. Literally. So let it flow girl...but I know one day you will look back and know His plans for you really are supreme over your own hopes, dreams, desires and comforts. I love you Misty - tell your mom I love her much and to call me. We'll cry together about missing our sweet, precious girls.