Tuesday, March 31, 2009

a new week

well, hello again!  Joe is down for a nap so I thought I would update our blog.  
Weekend Update:
We had a great weekend.  We didn't have much going on, but we enjoyed being together as a family.  John and I had our traditional chinese take out and DVR date night after Joe went to bed.  Saturday morning I got my hair done and John got to spend some time playing with Joe.  He always seems to be the most fun in the mornings.  I really can tell that Joe loves when he wakes up to John being at home.  (during the week John leaves the house before we wake up)  My mom and sister came over for lunch and we had some yummy Purple Onion wraps.  Ashley brought her puppy Lilly over and Joe had a great time playing with her.  Lilly lets him pull and grab all over her.  She just sits and takes it.  (she's a sweet, affectionate boxer-lab mix)  While we played with Joe, John did some yard work...  it looks so much better! Way to go John!  Sunday we had our first service in our new building.  It looked awesome....everyone who worked on it did a great job! It was an extreme makeover!  We had breakfast together before the service. Everyone brought their favorite breakfast dishes and we all chowed down.  So fun.  We relaxed Sunday afternoon. We all took naps... it was wonderful.  For dinner we went over to mom and dad's.  Mom made a delicious seafood stew (I guess thats what you would call it).  We had crab legs, rice, bread, and salad to go with it.  I love my mom's cooking.  She loves to cook and she is pretty innovative in the kitchen.  I think that's where I get it from.  
Yesterday John went to the doctor for a physical.  He has also recently started having migraines, so we wanted to get that checked out as well.  He has had some crazy symptoms that sometimes occur with his migraines, so he scheduled an appointment for yesterday.  The doctor then sent him for an MRI and an MRA yesterday evening, just to be sure it's nothing more than migraines going on.  We won't get the results until tomorrow.  We are pretty confident that it is nothing, but we would appreciate your prayers that the scans would show nothing but a healthy head :)   
Joe Update:  He gets funnier every day.  I laugh at him all the time.  He has recently been imitating the sound of a duck. It's hard to describe the sound he makes with words.  Maybe we can post a video of it soon...if we can get him to do it on video.  (whenever we bring the cameras out to capture something he is doing, he stops. always. )  Today, he started moo-ing like a cow.  "moo moo" he says.  Funny thing he did this morning...  he climbs everything, and he was on a lounging chair and accidently flipped over the side and landed flat on his back.  i really don't think it hurt him, just scared him.  So he was calling/whining out my name.. "maaaa ma maaaa ma maaaa ma" so I pick him up and love on him for a few minutes.  When he seemed to be just fine, I put him back down.  So, wanting more attention I guess, he goes over to where he fell, laid down on the ground on his back just like he was before, and started whining.  That really got me laughing.  But, I picked him up and loved on him until he hopped down on his own.  We bought him a pool this weekend, so hopefully we will be able to use it pretty soon.  Maybe this weekend??  He loves nothing more than to be outside right now.  He is all boy...finding any puddle he can, sticking his hands in it, throwing rocks in it, and of course.. sitting in it.  He could do this all day.  
Noah and Misty update:
He is still moving like crazy.  I'm pretty confident that I will have two busy busy boys running around our house.  I feel extremely pregnant...achy and sore.  I'm waddling everywhere.  Supposedly I am now just about 31 weeks, however last monday i was measuring almost 4 weeks ahead.  So who knows, I guess I could be 35 weeks.  WOW.  I go to the doctor next Monday, and if the measurements haven't evened out any, we will schedule an ultrasound.  Hopefully this weekend we can get the nursery close to completed.  
Well that's all I have for you today!  Hope you have a great week!!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Almost the weekend! Hooray! :)

Today has been another slow, very slow, day.  The weather is yucky here, so Joe and I have been inside all day.  Honestly, I'm feeling a little bored and lonely.  So, with that said, I'm glad it's almost the weekend! I think there will be plenty to do! Saturday morning, I'm getting my hair done...which is always fun and relaxing.  It will be good to have a little "me time".  
John came home early from work yesterday. He came down with another migraine...with more crazy symptoms...so he came home around 4:30, as soon as he finished an important project.  Joe and I tried to take care of him as much as we could.  Meaning: I kept Joe away from him so he could rest in a dark room for a while.  I felt so bad for him... migraines are the absolute worst.  I started getting them for the first time after Joe was born.  I haven't had once since I've been pregnant this time, I don't think.  John started getting them a little over a month ago...and has had 4.  I guess we are getting older and falling apart.  :)   He is much better today and back at work.  He will be coming home with a new hair cut...thank you, Mom for free hair cuts!!  I have worship practice this evening, and when I get home, John is going to play darts with some friends.  We won't see much of each other today, so I'm glad the weekend starts tomorrow! (Boo stormy weather all weekend!)
Hope you all have a great weekend! 

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

not much going on

Today is a slow day.  Its about 3:30pm and I feel like it should be about 6.  Joe and I have stayed at home.  I was exhausted yesterday, so I figured we should lay low today.  I'm getting frustrated that I can't play with Joe like I would like to.  He would love nothing more than for me to get down on the floor and roll around with him, wrestle, tickle, and let him climb all over me, but I just can't do it.  I can't take him to the park by myself, because I can't climb everything with him, and it is getting more and more difficult to keep up with him running around.  It's getting really hard to lift him and carry him, which really stinks, because I love holding him.  I guess the both of us will just have to make do for a little while.  And, from my doctor visit yesterday, that little while may be much shorter than we originally thought.  We'll see!  
We are excited for John to come home today.  Joe will be so glad that he has his daddy home to run around outside with for a little bit while I make dinner.  I'm just going to make a simple pasta dinner with a salad.  Easy enough.  After Joe goes down tonight, John and I may put together Noah's crib.  I'm itching to get his room finished, especially now that I know he could be making his arrival into this world earlier than expected.  I'm ready for him to be here, but I think Joe could use a little more time.  I can't wait to see my two boys grow up together.  Realizing that I would two 18 months apart was initially shocking, but now I am so glad that my boys will be so close in age.  I think they will really enjoy each other, and make lots and lots of memories together.  
Well, Joe is wanting my attention.....so I am off to play! (the best I can anways :) ) 

Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday, Monday

Well we are coming off of a great weekend!  Friday, Leanne (LeLe) came over to play with me and Joe.  The three of us went to the park and chased Joe around.  Leanne got some great pictures of him. (you can see them on facebook if you have an account!) He always has so much fun at the park, and I'm so glad Leanne got to go with us.  Leanne- thanks for taking time out of your spring break for us! We miss you when you are gone, and love to spend time with you when we can! After the park we went to Chic-Fil-A for some lemonade and french fries.  I have been craving their lemonade during this pregnancy.  It was an awesome Friday.   Friday evening was fun too! John and I spent a lot of time playing with Joe, and after he went down that night, John picked up some Chinese take out and we ate together and watched some t.v. shows we missed during the week.  That has become a common Friday event for us!  Saturday was pretty relaxing.  John had to spend some time finishing a freelance project.  He did a great job on 'N Vogue's website!! (my mom's salon and spa) check it out if you get a chance!  www.nvoguecosmetics.com      After John finished we played and put Joe down for his nap.  John and I got ready while Joe was sleeping because......YAY! we had a date night!! Mom and Dad volunteered to keep Joe over night for us.  We took them up on that offer, of course!  He had a great time playing outside and inside and i'm sure he got his fair share of junk food :)  He had no problems sleeping over there now that they have an actual crib.  He hates pack n plays and he barely fits in them anymore.  Anyways, John and I went to Macaroni Grill for dinner.  It was delicious! We had a gift card we have been saving since Christmas, so that was great!  We headed to GAP and Baby GAP afterwards... where we used more gift cards!  I got a cute hat and a pair of sandals for Joe, and John got a much needed pair of jeans.  We walked around the Summit a little bit... then headed to blockbuster to rent a movie.  We rented Burn After Reading with Brad Pitt and George Clooney thinking it would be pretty good....NOT at all.  We do not recommend it.  Very slow, not funny, and the story line is, well, it's just not good.  We got to sleep in a little more than usual on Sunday, since Joe wasn't here to wake us up.  I had to be at church early for worship practice and John went to pick Joe up before church.  We went to lunch with some friends after church and we spend the afternoon resting.  When Joe woke up from his nap, we took him to the park, and once again, he had a great time!  
It was a terrific weekend.
TODAY:  I had a doctor's appointment.  Our good friend Cindy watched Joe for me.  I did not gain any weight since my last check up three weeks ago.  Which is a good thing...because I have gained a good bit already.  My weight gain should be slowing down according to my doctor.  I am 29 1/2 weeks pregnant, but when Dr. Barron measured my uterus, she said it was measuring 33 weeks. WOW! I knew that I was bigger than I was with Joe at this point, and I definitely feel very pregnant....which i was told was very normal for a second pregnancy, especially this close together. We may be having another ultrasound soon if I keep measuring that far ahead.  There is a possibility that the due date may be wrong. Or, I'm just one of those women who have big babies.  My doctor said, "Well, Joe just stretched everything out and Noah is having no problem moving right in!" Noah is doing great.  His heart rate is perfect and he is moving like crazy. And I mean crazy!  I can't wait to meet this sweet little boy.  I already feel attached to him.  It's different than when i was pregnant with Joe, because I didn't know what to expect, everything was new and different.  I think this birth will be much more emotional and enjoyable than the first, because there aren't many unknowns to worry about/think about. It's nice feeling more prepared.  And I am thankful that the first few months with Noah will be much less stressful and tense now that we know what we are doing :)  
I guess I'm starting to get long winded to I will wrap this up!  We hope you have a great week!   

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Just thought I would let you all know that the roast was yummmmmmmmy!!!  I may have even turned John into a roast fan :)  **If you need a recipe for a good roast, let me know and i will pass it along!** We had a great time last night having mom and bibby over for dinner.  Nelly (mom's dog) even joined us!  Joe had a great time chasing her around the house.  They shared toys.  We had a delicious meal, although Joe really didn't seem in to eating last night.  So, he entertained us while we ate.  After dinner we had coffee and cake (Bibby brought over some left over St Patrick's Day cake... sooo good!) and we relaxed.  I love family.  It was good to have them over...pretty soon here, I don't think I will have time or energy to cook a big meal and entertain.  Two little boys will be soaking all of that up!  
Interesting Joe story:  Yesterday afternoon, my sister Ashley and I were watching Dora the Explorer with Joe.  It was a show about Dora rescuing mermaids from an Octopus who was dumping garbage on their underwater city...  Anyways, Joe was babbling away and I could have sworn that he said "Mermaid".  I asked Ashley if she heard it, but she was busy on her phone and didnt hear.  I thought, he probably didn't mean to, because he doesn't have many words and "mermaid" is much more difficult than the ones he does say.  A minute later though, he pointed at the tv and said muhmay (aka mermaid)... Ashley heard it that time!  So, maybe his vocabulary is about to start expanding.  
Noah update:   I am now a few days past 29 weeks pregnant. So, just over 10 weeks to go if I carry Noah full term.   However, I feel like I am 100 weeks pregnant! I'm not sure how much longer my body can keep little Noah inside... he is going to be a big guy like his brother :)  (I'm trying not to think about it! yikes!)  Noah is moving like crazy.  It's crazy to watch my belly move while he is kicking, throwing punches, and doing gymnastics. I go next Monday for a doctor's apointment, and then i will start seeing my doctor every 2 weeks.  My, how time flies!
John update:  John is still enjoying his job at Briarwood Pres. Church.  He is also working on a few freelance projects, so he is staying busy! We are so thankful that the Lord continues to provide extra projects for him to work on.  With a new baby coming, every little bit helps, and we want to still be able to give to those in need.  I'm so proud of John for working hard and striving to be the best leader of our family that he can be.   I am so blessed to have married such a good, strong, Godly man.  I learn from John everyday.  

Well, today is going to be a low key day.  I have done too much the last couple of days, and my body is telling me to rest.  After Joe's nap we are going to pick up some groceries for a family and then call it a day!  I have worship practice this evening, but it's relaxing for me and it's also a time for me to recharge.  I really enjoy it :)   
Hope you all have a fantastic Thursday! It's almost the weekend! YAY! 

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Beautiful Day!

Today is such a beautiful day already!  I'm excited to get out to the grocery store this morning! (not that the grocery store is exciting, but being out on this gorgeous day that God created is!!) We are having my mom and my grandmother over for dinner tonight.  I'm making a roast with horseradish mashed potatoes and asparagus and biscuits.  A nice southern dinner.  I'm nervous about the roast because I have to follow a recipe.  I know it sounds weird, but I would much rather cook without recipes.  I'm more confident in the kitchen doing my own thing, making things up as I go, but roasts are not something I make often and I don't want to risk messing one up!  Hopefully it turns out well...I'm trying to trust the recipe :)  
Yesterday we had quite a few shipments arrive! Yay!  Noah's crib, mattress, changing table, and Joe's toy chest all came!  John and I put the toy chest together last night so that we could de-clutter the living room. We are no longer drowning in toys!!! What a HUGE difference that made.
Ok, I got sidetracked in the middle of that post.  Joe and I just got back from the grocery store.  He really enjoyed it this time! He got a free coloring book and crayons, and they stirred up the lobster tank for him to be able to see them move and swim all around.  He enjoyed a turkey snack from the deli, and he "drove" the cart all around the store.  (The grocery cart had a steering wheel on it for him to turn)  Now we are home, the groceries are put away, and we are getting ready for some lunch.  Hopefully Aunt Ashley is coming to visit this afternoon.  Joe wants to show her his sidewalk chalk creations :)   And Honey and Bibby will be here this evening for dinner.  We have a great day ahead of us!
Hope you all enjoy your day!!

Prayer Request:
If you have a minute, there is a family that John and I, as well as my mom, know very well, who needs a lot of prayer.  The mom's name is Stacie Segars (she is a hair artist at my mom's spa and she used to go to church with John and me).  She is a single mom with two girls.  2 summers ago the oldest daughter, Nicole, 16, was pushed into a rock quarry and was paralyzed.  The past two years have been extremely tough on that family.  Stacie has had to majorly cut back on work, because Nicole needs so much help and attention.  Their income is very little and medical bills and every day expenses are weighing on them tremendously.  I can't imagine not knowing how i could feed my family.  Their house is falling apart, it is not handicap accessible,  and they are in need of so much.  I admire Stacie so much... She is so strong in her faith, shows no self pity, and is so concerned for others, always putting them before herself.  I see Jesus in her everytime I am around her.  Her joy and strength are astounding. Please pray that the Lord will provide... that people who know them will be willing to be Jesus' hands and feet to them and serve them in both big and small ways.  Pray that He will continue to give them joy and strength and peace and comfort, as these times are so tough, especially for them.  
Thanks for your prayers!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Teefies :)

Joe loves brushing his teeth with Daddy. This was taken early one morning. John's got some bed head going on :)
** Sorry all of these pictures are posted all over the place! Either blogspot or the internet were acting up and i had to post a few at a time.**

Monday, March 16, 2009

Joe's 3rd hair cut...  before the screaming began :)
lovin the blow pop

More to Come...

Blogspot is being a little crazy and not letting me post any more pictures at the moment, but there are a few more to come! (joe's 3rd hair cut, joe brushing his teeth with daddy, more snow pics...)  I hope you enjoy the others though!!  
Joe has been wearing his sunglasses a lot lately and he looks hysterical...but everytime I get the camera out, he takes them off.  I'll have to be sneaky the next time he has them on.  
Weekend Update:
Saturday Joe had his third hair cut.  I was going into this event very confident.  His previous two haircuts were fast and easy and he did great!  Not this time.  (and poor John thinks its his fault because this is the first time he was there to watch!)  We came prepared with cookies and suckers...which were great for the first few snips, and then BOOM! He was aaaaangrrrry!  The tears were flowing and the screaming was LOUD!  John wanted us to stop in the middle of it, with one side of his hair cut, so I sent John out of the room (he didnt like seeing Joe that upset).  Joe survived and his hair cut is soooo cute.  He needed a lot more cut this time... and he needed to be styled a little more than just trimmed on the ends.  I felt so bad for Kristen (the girl that cut Joe's hair)  I'm sure she felt like she was traumatizing Joe.  He recovered very quickly though.  I'm so glad my mom has 'N Vogue.  We love everybody there, and Joe thinks he owns the place.  My family is soooo blessed to get free hair cuts and big discounts on makeup and skincare, and now spray tanning! (just so you know, the discounts are just for me...not the boys :) )  Without 'N Vogue... all of that stuff would come few are far between... if ever.  I'll post some recent pictures of 'N Vogue for those of you who want to see it. It has gone through lots of changes over the past year.  (John took pictures of 'N Vogue while we were there for Joe's hair cut..   he is going to be redoing their website over the next few weeks.)
Anyways, We had friends over Saturday night for breakfast.  Yes, breakfast for dinner.  We had lots of fun...and good news, Joe did great with their baby girl.  
Sunday, we had a great morning of worship and community at church.  My grandmother made a chicken casserole for John and I, so after church we went to pick it up.  Yummmmmmy!  We will be enjoying that for a few days.  After Joe's nap, we took him to McDonald's for an early dinner. (John and I decided to eat after he went down for the night) He had a cheeseburger and ice cream and then we headed to the park to play.  He had a great time swinging, sliding, climbing, and exploring.  He has been in the greatest mood the past few days.  John and I were laughing at him alll weekend.  He is going to be a funny guy, we can already tell.  
Now we are ready to start a new week.  And we are expecting a lot of Noah's furniture this week.  Exciting!!!  

Pictures of Joe!

side walk chalk!  

joe with his "doctor" on

watching t.v. (probably Dora or Miss Spider's SunnyPatch Friends)
Joe's bed time routine.  (He relaxes with John and his sippy before bed)
March Snow!!  Joe's first snow experience :)


our blue eyed little man :)  
joe's attempt at putting trash away
loves bubble baths in Honey's garden tub

just woke up...a little out of it.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Oh No...

So, yesterday, Joe was pulling things out of his baby brother's closet and I said, "no no Joe" and he turned around, looked at me, and innocently said, "no no".  I was hoping he would never learn that word!  He only did it that one time... and believe me, I told him no plenty of times yesterday :)   Hopefully I won't hear him say it again for a while.  
This afternoon Joe and I are going to be running some errands.  I'm hoping Joe wont mind the grocery cart, stroller, etc.   Have a great day!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


So, last night John and I went to Babys R Us to get some things for Noah.  We got our double stroller (last one in the store and sold out online...phew!) a new swing, which was on sale..$35 off! woo! (the one we had for Joe was not great until he was about 3-4 months old...not a great one for an infant...and Im pretty sure I will not be able to leave Noah on the floor with Joe running around, so, smart purchase I think.)  We got the bedding for the crib, which turned out to be pretty fun. I had picked a bedding set that I was going to order online, but when we were at the store I thought, I wonder if we can mix and match some things and come out spending less than ordering the set.  I was right! So John and I had a great time putting things together, different patterns and things (all in baby blue and chocolate brown).  It was a challenge, but a fun one, and worth it!  We also got some wall decor, the letters of his name in alternating striped and polka dot patterns all in baby blue and chocolate.  They will hang from blue and brown ribbons on the wall.  I got a front carrier and a sling carrier (because I will need all the help I can get carrying two little ones around!) ..I think thats about it.  We were hoping to get the crib and changing table, but the one i found online turned out to be not very sturdy, so we didnt get that one.  We found another that we liked, but it was going to be out of stock for a while due to some remodeling or something like that.  Soooo, I was a little disappointed, but this morning I was able to find some great, sturdy pieces at some great prices online. (I also ordered the crib mattress...can you believe they didnt have any at Babys R Us?!?...they actually didn't have a lot of things)  They should be here in about 10-14 days.  We are getting close to being alllll ready for Noah.  Our church is throwing me a diaper derby shower, which will be great!  Lots of diapers, wipes, and other necessities!  My family will probably have a small shower for me too... I'll probably get some things for Noah's room, clothes, bottles, stuff like that.  I'm so blessed to have people in my life who love to help.  I feel so blessed to know that my little family is loved by so many people.  Well, Joe is running around with a plastic baseball bat, so I should go make sure he isnt destroying anything!!!   Ahhhh!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Making Progress!

I'm feeling much better now that we are making progress on preparing for baby Noah.  Joe is in his new room and loving it.  We have been playing in there a lot!!  I think he likes it better than his old room.  We have turned it into more of a "big boy" room. :)  So, since Joe is out of his old room, John and I have cleaned out that room so that we can start putting Noah's room together.  Right now he only has a dresser. (John did a great job painting it to match the furniture we are getting for Noah, and he also painted the metal hardware...it looks great!) When John gets off of work today, he and I are going to Baby's R Us to hopefully make a few purchases on things we are in need of.  My mom is going to keep Joe for us.  We will probably spend this weekend putting things together.  I'm itching to get things ready for baby. I went through all of Joe's old clothes yesterday, and pulled out all of the stuff that Noah will be able to wear.  Joe and Noah will have been born in different seasons, so a good bit of Joe's things probably won't work.  I rewashed everything that Noah will be able to use and put them away in his new dresser and closet. Doing things like that make me even more excited about his arrival.
Update on Joe:
The other day I pulled out this toddler doctor kit that we bought at a church auction.  Joe loves playing with it...especially the stethoscope (which we call his 'doctor') The past couple of days you rarely see him without his 'doctor' on.  He puts it on himself, around his neck.  This morning i took it off for him to eat breakfast and he did NOT like that at all.  He wanted to keep it on.  However mean mom wouldnt let him wear it while he ate, so he calmed down after i set it where he could see it at all times.  As soon as he was done, he ran and got his 'doctor' and put it on right away.  Funny, funny boy.  Maybe we have a future doctor on our hands.  
He has been a big helper the last few weeks.  He likes to help with laundry (putting clothes in the dryer, or putting them in baskets/taking them out)  He likes to put things in the garbage can, and he looooves helping John load the dishwasher.  When John is trying to load the dishwasher after dinner, Joe likes to put his toys in there too.  Yesterday I was pulling clothes out of bags to sort through, and as I would take them out he would put them back in.  I sorted some of the same clothes 3 and 4 times. :) I'm glad he enjoys helping.  If only he could vacuum and dust.  Then we would be set!
Well, I am off to get lunch ready for the little guy.  We will probably enjoy this 80 degree weather outside this afternoon. (if my pregnant self can handle it!)  It seems like we went straight from winter to summer.  I'm glad I was able to get out this weekend to buy him some warm weather clothes for the both of us.  (bad luck with sandals for Joe though.. i bought some in his size, but his foot is waaaay to wide to fit all the way in...and the next size up is waaaay too long.  We may be shopping at a specialty shoe store for big foot Joe!)
**Right now as I am typing this, he is pulling the power chord out of my lap top and plugging it back in...over and over and over. **
We hope you have a great day!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

It's the weekend!!!!!

I love love love the weekends.  I always look forward to having my little family together for more than just a few hours at a time.  This morning John woke up with Joe at 7:45 (that's 2 extra hours of sleep for John compared to the weekdays) and they let me sleep a little longer.  I had a terrible head ache all day yesterday, and we decided it may have something to do with lack of sleep lately.  Only, I couldn't sleep any longer.  I was excited to wake up and spend time with my boys!  So I got up and we played with Joe, made breakfast, and played some more!  We were also able to get the closet in John's old office/Joe's new room cleaned out.  We are hoping to move all of Joe's furniture in there today when John gets home.  (He is at our church's new building right now painting, cleaning, etc..  Anything to help.)  Once Joe is moved, I think it will feel as though a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.  I will be able to start preparing more for Noah!!!  Next weekend we will probably begin purchasing furniture and other things needed for Noah and his room.  We have a little less than 13 weeks until the due date, but I have a feeling I will either be induced at least a week before hand or I just won't make it that long.  Noah is a big boy and oh so active.  So for the rest of the day we will be moving Joe's room and tonight I will cook dinner and we will relax.  My mom just reminded me that we Spring forward tonight, so maybe we will go to bed early since we will loose an hour of sleep.  I am singing at church tomorrow so i will have to be up much earlier.  
We love Sundays and we try to just relax after church.  Sometimes we take Joe to the park or to play outside in the afternoon.  Although tomorrow, we may end up working a little more around the house.  I'll be heading out to shop tomorrow because Joe has no warm weather clothes that fit.  We are approaching the 70's and he is a hot natured child, so he is in major need of new clothes!  
SO that's our weekend for ya!  
Joe is doing great.  He is learning new things everyday.  He seems to be very clever.  He figures things out easily on his own...and he gets very proud of himself when he does!  He is almost able to turn door knobs and open them, so we make sure that the doors to outside are always locked.  He absolutely loves being completely naked, so we let him play that way after his bath for a while.  (we have had two tee-tee accidents, but we just laugh it off)  He is fascinated with noses, and will point to your nose if you ask him where it is.  I'm sure there are plenty of other new things, I just cant think of them right now!  
Anyways, the Schluchter family wishes you a very happy weekend!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Wow.  I am so tired.  Being pregnant and raising an almost 16 month old really takes its toll.  From chasing Joe around and entertaining him all day, to trying to do a few things around the house, to lack of sleep (multiple bathroom breaks and having to change positions through out the night, not to mention crazy dreams), i am just plain tired.  I had the hardest time keeping my eyes open while watching Joe this morning.  I sometimes feel guilty that I don't have the energy or physical ability to play hard with him.  That's why he really enjoys his daddy time.  Joe and I are so blessed to have John.  I can't say it enough... he is the best husband and the best daddy.  I thank my Lord for him everyday.  
Well, i am going to try and re-energize while Joe is napping.  We have an exciting trip to the grocery store planned for this afternoon.  Chicken Parmesan is whats for dinner! Hope you have a great day!  

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


So we had a great weekend together as a family.  Saturday, John and I got to go to the Focus on the Family Focus on Marriage simulcast at a church in Birmingham.  We got to hear some great Christian speakers talk about marriage.  John and I so enjoyed spending that day together, worshiping together, and learning together about marriage in the eyes of the Lord.  Joe got to spend the day with Honey and Pops.  He had a blast!  I'm so thankful to have parents that love watching our little guy for us when we have opportunities like this.  Joe loves his time over there and gets excited as soon as we pull onto there street.  Its funny how he is starting to recognize things like that.  John and I picked up Joe around 4:30 that evening and we got to spend the evening relaxing and playing together, and after Joe went to bed, John and I watched FireProof.  Great movie by the way!   
Can you believe it?!?!?  Sunday morning we woke up to everything outside covered in WHITE!  and the snow was still falling.  We had somewhere between 2-4 inches of snow on Sunday.  It was beautiful.  We took Joe out to play in it...and he had a blast.  He kept his eyes on the ground as he walked around so he could see the footprints his little feet made with each step.  We couldnt stay out long because his feet were getting wet.  Unfortunately, Joe does not own any snow boots :)  We got some great video and pictures of Joe out in the snow.  Church was cancelled due to some problems on the roads so we spent the morning together as a family watching the snow fall.  While Joe was napping John was able to get some things done around the house which was nice.  Anything we can accomplish around here makes me feel more prepared for Noah to arrive.  The list is long but we are making progress!  John got a migraine around lunch so we spent the day trying to make him feel better.  We had to take a trip to my parents house because my cell phone had been left there a couple of days.  Poor John... migraines are no fun.  By dinner time he was all better though, and i was able to cook a yummy asian shrimp dish, and we just hung out together.
Baby Noah Update:
Yesterday I had a doctor's appointment.  It was a very early appointment because I had to take my sugar test (so no eating before hand)  Mom watched Joe for me to go and take my test.  I was dreading this appointment because I failed it when i was pregnant with Joe and I had to go back the next week to do a three hour test...lots of drinking yucky juice, sitting around, and being pricked.  (I did pass that one though)  Anyways, I passed this one!! YAAAAY!   
Noah's heart rate was good and strong, and he grew A LOT over the last 4 weeks.  Needless to say, my weight gain was a big number this time :(  Even though pregnant, its not fun to hear.  I have a feeling Noah is going to be a big boy like his brother. Although, at this point Noah seems to be bigger than Joe was (and he was a big baby!) So I rescheduled my next appointment for 3 weeks from now, and after that i will start seeing my doctor every 2 weeks.  i can't believe we are already this far along.  He will be here before we know it!  There are so many things to buy/organize/clean etc and i am starting to feel a little stress/anxiety from it.  I guess that's called Nesting.  Why can't women have baby showers for every pregnancy?!? :)    
So my appointment went well and Joe and I spent the day at Honey's house while she went to work.  It's nice for Joe to have a change of scenery every once in a while (even though he is much easier in the comfort of our own home)  We went to N Vogue after Joe's nap to visit and get out of the house.  Joe thinks he owns that place.  He walks in the door and runs straight back to Honey's office.  Maybe he will take over the business one day?!?  Speaking of Joe and N Vogue, he has a hair cut appointment on Saturday.  This will be cut # 3.  
When John got off of work, he took Joe home (Johns office is 1 mile from my parents house) and i got to spend the evening with my mom.  Every week John and I alternate having a night to get out of the house and doing something with friends or family.  It was my time this week! So mom and I went out to dinner and then watched the Bachelor. (I am so angry about the outcome of the show.  I dont even have the words!)  It had been a long few days for me, so i was glad to have a night to chill.  
So it's Tuesday, and I feel like I have overdone it the past few days so I am going to try and rest as much as Joe lets me.  We will probably stay in the house today and enjoy one another.  We may have a coloring fest!  
Hope you all have a great week!!!