Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Making Progress!

I'm feeling much better now that we are making progress on preparing for baby Noah.  Joe is in his new room and loving it.  We have been playing in there a lot!!  I think he likes it better than his old room.  We have turned it into more of a "big boy" room. :)  So, since Joe is out of his old room, John and I have cleaned out that room so that we can start putting Noah's room together.  Right now he only has a dresser. (John did a great job painting it to match the furniture we are getting for Noah, and he also painted the metal hardware...it looks great!) When John gets off of work today, he and I are going to Baby's R Us to hopefully make a few purchases on things we are in need of.  My mom is going to keep Joe for us.  We will probably spend this weekend putting things together.  I'm itching to get things ready for baby. I went through all of Joe's old clothes yesterday, and pulled out all of the stuff that Noah will be able to wear.  Joe and Noah will have been born in different seasons, so a good bit of Joe's things probably won't work.  I rewashed everything that Noah will be able to use and put them away in his new dresser and closet. Doing things like that make me even more excited about his arrival.
Update on Joe:
The other day I pulled out this toddler doctor kit that we bought at a church auction.  Joe loves playing with it...especially the stethoscope (which we call his 'doctor') The past couple of days you rarely see him without his 'doctor' on.  He puts it on himself, around his neck.  This morning i took it off for him to eat breakfast and he did NOT like that at all.  He wanted to keep it on.  However mean mom wouldnt let him wear it while he ate, so he calmed down after i set it where he could see it at all times.  As soon as he was done, he ran and got his 'doctor' and put it on right away.  Funny, funny boy.  Maybe we have a future doctor on our hands.  
He has been a big helper the last few weeks.  He likes to help with laundry (putting clothes in the dryer, or putting them in baskets/taking them out)  He likes to put things in the garbage can, and he looooves helping John load the dishwasher.  When John is trying to load the dishwasher after dinner, Joe likes to put his toys in there too.  Yesterday I was pulling clothes out of bags to sort through, and as I would take them out he would put them back in.  I sorted some of the same clothes 3 and 4 times. :) I'm glad he enjoys helping.  If only he could vacuum and dust.  Then we would be set!
Well, I am off to get lunch ready for the little guy.  We will probably enjoy this 80 degree weather outside this afternoon. (if my pregnant self can handle it!)  It seems like we went straight from winter to summer.  I'm glad I was able to get out this weekend to buy him some warm weather clothes for the both of us.  (bad luck with sandals for Joe though.. i bought some in his size, but his foot is waaaay to wide to fit all the way in...and the next size up is waaaay too long.  We may be shopping at a specialty shoe store for big foot Joe!)
**Right now as I am typing this, he is pulling the power chord out of my lap top and plugging it back in...over and over and over. **
We hope you have a great day!!

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