Wednesday, March 11, 2009


So, last night John and I went to Babys R Us to get some things for Noah.  We got our double stroller (last one in the store and sold out online...phew!) a new swing, which was on sale..$35 off! woo! (the one we had for Joe was not great until he was about 3-4 months old...not a great one for an infant...and Im pretty sure I will not be able to leave Noah on the floor with Joe running around, so, smart purchase I think.)  We got the bedding for the crib, which turned out to be pretty fun. I had picked a bedding set that I was going to order online, but when we were at the store I thought, I wonder if we can mix and match some things and come out spending less than ordering the set.  I was right! So John and I had a great time putting things together, different patterns and things (all in baby blue and chocolate brown).  It was a challenge, but a fun one, and worth it!  We also got some wall decor, the letters of his name in alternating striped and polka dot patterns all in baby blue and chocolate.  They will hang from blue and brown ribbons on the wall.  I got a front carrier and a sling carrier (because I will need all the help I can get carrying two little ones around!) ..I think thats about it.  We were hoping to get the crib and changing table, but the one i found online turned out to be not very sturdy, so we didnt get that one.  We found another that we liked, but it was going to be out of stock for a while due to some remodeling or something like that.  Soooo, I was a little disappointed, but this morning I was able to find some great, sturdy pieces at some great prices online. (I also ordered the crib mattress...can you believe they didnt have any at Babys R Us?!?...they actually didn't have a lot of things)  They should be here in about 10-14 days.  We are getting close to being alllll ready for Noah.  Our church is throwing me a diaper derby shower, which will be great!  Lots of diapers, wipes, and other necessities!  My family will probably have a small shower for me too... I'll probably get some things for Noah's room, clothes, bottles, stuff like that.  I'm so blessed to have people in my life who love to help.  I feel so blessed to know that my little family is loved by so many people.  Well, Joe is running around with a plastic baseball bat, so I should go make sure he isnt destroying anything!!!   Ahhhh!

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