Thursday, March 5, 2009


Wow.  I am so tired.  Being pregnant and raising an almost 16 month old really takes its toll.  From chasing Joe around and entertaining him all day, to trying to do a few things around the house, to lack of sleep (multiple bathroom breaks and having to change positions through out the night, not to mention crazy dreams), i am just plain tired.  I had the hardest time keeping my eyes open while watching Joe this morning.  I sometimes feel guilty that I don't have the energy or physical ability to play hard with him.  That's why he really enjoys his daddy time.  Joe and I are so blessed to have John.  I can't say it enough... he is the best husband and the best daddy.  I thank my Lord for him everyday.  
Well, i am going to try and re-energize while Joe is napping.  We have an exciting trip to the grocery store planned for this afternoon.  Chicken Parmesan is whats for dinner! Hope you have a great day!  

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