Thursday, March 26, 2009

Almost the weekend! Hooray! :)

Today has been another slow, very slow, day.  The weather is yucky here, so Joe and I have been inside all day.  Honestly, I'm feeling a little bored and lonely.  So, with that said, I'm glad it's almost the weekend! I think there will be plenty to do! Saturday morning, I'm getting my hair done...which is always fun and relaxing.  It will be good to have a little "me time".  
John came home early from work yesterday. He came down with another migraine...with more crazy he came home around 4:30, as soon as he finished an important project.  Joe and I tried to take care of him as much as we could.  Meaning: I kept Joe away from him so he could rest in a dark room for a while.  I felt so bad for him... migraines are the absolute worst.  I started getting them for the first time after Joe was born.  I haven't had once since I've been pregnant this time, I don't think.  John started getting them a little over a month ago...and has had 4.  I guess we are getting older and falling apart.  :)   He is much better today and back at work.  He will be coming home with a new hair cut...thank you, Mom for free hair cuts!!  I have worship practice this evening, and when I get home, John is going to play darts with some friends.  We won't see much of each other today, so I'm glad the weekend starts tomorrow! (Boo stormy weather all weekend!)
Hope you all have a great weekend! 

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