Tuesday, March 31, 2009

a new week

well, hello again!  Joe is down for a nap so I thought I would update our blog.  
Weekend Update:
We had a great weekend.  We didn't have much going on, but we enjoyed being together as a family.  John and I had our traditional chinese take out and DVR date night after Joe went to bed.  Saturday morning I got my hair done and John got to spend some time playing with Joe.  He always seems to be the most fun in the mornings.  I really can tell that Joe loves when he wakes up to John being at home.  (during the week John leaves the house before we wake up)  My mom and sister came over for lunch and we had some yummy Purple Onion wraps.  Ashley brought her puppy Lilly over and Joe had a great time playing with her.  Lilly lets him pull and grab all over her.  She just sits and takes it.  (she's a sweet, affectionate boxer-lab mix)  While we played with Joe, John did some yard work...  it looks so much better! Way to go John!  Sunday we had our first service in our new building.  It looked awesome....everyone who worked on it did a great job! It was an extreme makeover!  We had breakfast together before the service. Everyone brought their favorite breakfast dishes and we all chowed down.  So fun.  We relaxed Sunday afternoon. We all took naps... it was wonderful.  For dinner we went over to mom and dad's.  Mom made a delicious seafood stew (I guess thats what you would call it).  We had crab legs, rice, bread, and salad to go with it.  I love my mom's cooking.  She loves to cook and she is pretty innovative in the kitchen.  I think that's where I get it from.  
Yesterday John went to the doctor for a physical.  He has also recently started having migraines, so we wanted to get that checked out as well.  He has had some crazy symptoms that sometimes occur with his migraines, so he scheduled an appointment for yesterday.  The doctor then sent him for an MRI and an MRA yesterday evening, just to be sure it's nothing more than migraines going on.  We won't get the results until tomorrow.  We are pretty confident that it is nothing, but we would appreciate your prayers that the scans would show nothing but a healthy head :)   
Joe Update:  He gets funnier every day.  I laugh at him all the time.  He has recently been imitating the sound of a duck. It's hard to describe the sound he makes with words.  Maybe we can post a video of it soon...if we can get him to do it on video.  (whenever we bring the cameras out to capture something he is doing, he stops. always. )  Today, he started moo-ing like a cow.  "moo moo" he says.  Funny thing he did this morning...  he climbs everything, and he was on a lounging chair and accidently flipped over the side and landed flat on his back.  i really don't think it hurt him, just scared him.  So he was calling/whining out my name.. "maaaa ma maaaa ma maaaa ma" so I pick him up and love on him for a few minutes.  When he seemed to be just fine, I put him back down.  So, wanting more attention I guess, he goes over to where he fell, laid down on the ground on his back just like he was before, and started whining.  That really got me laughing.  But, I picked him up and loved on him until he hopped down on his own.  We bought him a pool this weekend, so hopefully we will be able to use it pretty soon.  Maybe this weekend??  He loves nothing more than to be outside right now.  He is all boy...finding any puddle he can, sticking his hands in it, throwing rocks in it, and of course.. sitting in it.  He could do this all day.  
Noah and Misty update:
He is still moving like crazy.  I'm pretty confident that I will have two busy busy boys running around our house.  I feel extremely pregnant...achy and sore.  I'm waddling everywhere.  Supposedly I am now just about 31 weeks, however last monday i was measuring almost 4 weeks ahead.  So who knows, I guess I could be 35 weeks.  WOW.  I go to the doctor next Monday, and if the measurements haven't evened out any, we will schedule an ultrasound.  Hopefully this weekend we can get the nursery close to completed.  
Well that's all I have for you today!  Hope you have a great week!!!!

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