Monday, March 16, 2009

More to Come...

Blogspot is being a little crazy and not letting me post any more pictures at the moment, but there are a few more to come! (joe's 3rd hair cut, joe brushing his teeth with daddy, more snow pics...)  I hope you enjoy the others though!!  
Joe has been wearing his sunglasses a lot lately and he looks hysterical...but everytime I get the camera out, he takes them off.  I'll have to be sneaky the next time he has them on.  
Weekend Update:
Saturday Joe had his third hair cut.  I was going into this event very confident.  His previous two haircuts were fast and easy and he did great!  Not this time.  (and poor John thinks its his fault because this is the first time he was there to watch!)  We came prepared with cookies and suckers...which were great for the first few snips, and then BOOM! He was aaaaangrrrry!  The tears were flowing and the screaming was LOUD!  John wanted us to stop in the middle of it, with one side of his hair cut, so I sent John out of the room (he didnt like seeing Joe that upset).  Joe survived and his hair cut is soooo cute.  He needed a lot more cut this time... and he needed to be styled a little more than just trimmed on the ends.  I felt so bad for Kristen (the girl that cut Joe's hair)  I'm sure she felt like she was traumatizing Joe.  He recovered very quickly though.  I'm so glad my mom has 'N Vogue.  We love everybody there, and Joe thinks he owns the place.  My family is soooo blessed to get free hair cuts and big discounts on makeup and skincare, and now spray tanning! (just so you know, the discounts are just for me...not the boys :) )  Without 'N Vogue... all of that stuff would come few are far between... if ever.  I'll post some recent pictures of 'N Vogue for those of you who want to see it. It has gone through lots of changes over the past year.  (John took pictures of 'N Vogue while we were there for Joe's hair cut..   he is going to be redoing their website over the next few weeks.)
Anyways, We had friends over Saturday night for breakfast.  Yes, breakfast for dinner.  We had lots of fun...and good news, Joe did great with their baby girl.  
Sunday, we had a great morning of worship and community at church.  My grandmother made a chicken casserole for John and I, so after church we went to pick it up.  Yummmmmmy!  We will be enjoying that for a few days.  After Joe's nap, we took him to McDonald's for an early dinner. (John and I decided to eat after he went down for the night) He had a cheeseburger and ice cream and then we headed to the park to play.  He had a great time swinging, sliding, climbing, and exploring.  He has been in the greatest mood the past few days.  John and I were laughing at him alll weekend.  He is going to be a funny guy, we can already tell.  
Now we are ready to start a new week.  And we are expecting a lot of Noah's furniture this week.  Exciting!!!  

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