Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Beautiful Day!

Today is such a beautiful day already!  I'm excited to get out to the grocery store this morning! (not that the grocery store is exciting, but being out on this gorgeous day that God created is!!) We are having my mom and my grandmother over for dinner tonight.  I'm making a roast with horseradish mashed potatoes and asparagus and biscuits.  A nice southern dinner.  I'm nervous about the roast because I have to follow a recipe.  I know it sounds weird, but I would much rather cook without recipes.  I'm more confident in the kitchen doing my own thing, making things up as I go, but roasts are not something I make often and I don't want to risk messing one up!  Hopefully it turns out well...I'm trying to trust the recipe :)  
Yesterday we had quite a few shipments arrive! Yay!  Noah's crib, mattress, changing table, and Joe's toy chest all came!  John and I put the toy chest together last night so that we could de-clutter the living room. We are no longer drowning in toys!!! What a HUGE difference that made.
Ok, I got sidetracked in the middle of that post.  Joe and I just got back from the grocery store.  He really enjoyed it this time! He got a free coloring book and crayons, and they stirred up the lobster tank for him to be able to see them move and swim all around.  He enjoyed a turkey snack from the deli, and he "drove" the cart all around the store.  (The grocery cart had a steering wheel on it for him to turn)  Now we are home, the groceries are put away, and we are getting ready for some lunch.  Hopefully Aunt Ashley is coming to visit this afternoon.  Joe wants to show her his sidewalk chalk creations :)   And Honey and Bibby will be here this evening for dinner.  We have a great day ahead of us!
Hope you all enjoy your day!!

Prayer Request:
If you have a minute, there is a family that John and I, as well as my mom, know very well, who needs a lot of prayer.  The mom's name is Stacie Segars (she is a hair artist at my mom's spa and she used to go to church with John and me).  She is a single mom with two girls.  2 summers ago the oldest daughter, Nicole, 16, was pushed into a rock quarry and was paralyzed.  The past two years have been extremely tough on that family.  Stacie has had to majorly cut back on work, because Nicole needs so much help and attention.  Their income is very little and medical bills and every day expenses are weighing on them tremendously.  I can't imagine not knowing how i could feed my family.  Their house is falling apart, it is not handicap accessible,  and they are in need of so much.  I admire Stacie so much... She is so strong in her faith, shows no self pity, and is so concerned for others, always putting them before herself.  I see Jesus in her everytime I am around her.  Her joy and strength are astounding. Please pray that the Lord will provide... that people who know them will be willing to be Jesus' hands and feet to them and serve them in both big and small ways.  Pray that He will continue to give them joy and strength and peace and comfort, as these times are so tough, especially for them.  
Thanks for your prayers!!!!!!!!