Thursday, February 19, 2009

Catching Up!

It's been a long time since we have updated our blog!!  Joe is busy watching Dora the Explorer and playing with blocks, so I have a few minutes to try and update you on our lives!  Let's start with John.  He is now working at Briarwood Presbyterian Church doing graphic design.  He loves his job and he is so very good at it! He is enjoying being able to use his talents to help further the kingdom of our Lord.  He is also taking on some freelance jobs on the side (call him if you need him!) He is the best daddy and the most wonderful husband.  Joe and I are so blessed and we miss him so much during the day when he is working.  As for me,  I am pregnant with our second baby boy.  I am about 25 weeks along.  Noah Russell Schluchter's due date is June 2nd of this year.  We are anxiously awaiting his arrival! I know Joe will love having a play mate so close to his age. (They will be 18 1/2 months apart.)  The pregnancy has been pretty good so far! My only complaint is lack of sleep.  And, it is getting to be more challenging trying to keep up with Joe.  I am enjoying spending my days with him, watching him grow and learn.  He makes me smile and laugh countless times a day!  Moving on to crazy man Joe...  He is 15 months old, weighing in at a whopping 24 pounds! He is in the 50th percentile for his weight, and the 90th percentile in his height.  He is walking/running very well.  He loves to climb anything and everything. (Can you see why i am having a hard time keeping up?!?)  He does not like to be contained...he wants to be on his feet all the time.  Therefore, strollers, buggies, and high chairs are not his favorite right now.  He loves, loves, loves, playing outside.  He likes to whack bushes and such with sticks and he loves kicking balls around the yard.  We just got a  sandbox, so he will soon be playing there too! He will sit forever putting blocks and things in and out of their shaped holes.  He follows commands very well and seems to understand most of everything we tell him.  He has a few words... "mama" "dada" or "dayee"(for daddy) "nana" (for banana) "baba" (for bye bye) and "doe" (for Joe).  He is a sweet sweet little boy, who is anxious to explore and loves life!  We love him so much and we can't wait to have these experiences with Noah.  
As for our family, we have been attending a church called Elevation in Helena.  We have been there over 2 months and we are enjoying using our talents and gifts there to serve the Lord.  It is so neat to see God moving in this church, and we are so glad to be apart of it!  
It's almost nap time for Joe, so this is it for now!  He needs his rest for a super exciting trip to the grocery store this afternoon!  Keep checking in on our blog.  I am committing to update it much more often :)  Sorry it's been so long! Look for recent pictures very soon!


Ashley Waldrop said...

Hey girl! Somehow I found your blog website on facebook so I added you so I could follow your blog! It's amazing how much our lives have changed since high school! It's so good to hear what's new in your life! Congrats on the new baby and I look forward to more frequent updates.

Rusty Schluchter said...

Hey there Schluchters. sounds like life is happy and going well. So awesome! Can't wait to get together again and see the little ones interact. love you all!

icoobaby1 said...

Hey it sounds good that you and your family are going great these days. Coming to Joe, his stats are amazing .He must be the healthy and enthusiastic boy. You said he doesn't like strollers and love to play in surroundings. But it is very important to have a stroller like Mickey Sun Shop 'n Drive which helps him to rest in it while go outside.