Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What a mess!

I'm sitting here writing this blog as Joe is chowing down on a strawberry cream cheese Toaster Strudel.  You should see what I see! His face is covered with red and white stickyness.  He is also eating raisins, and since his face is covered in sticky stuff he has a raisin stuck on his left cheek and two on his chin.  Can't wait to clean this up! (hope you sense the sarcasm :) ) At least he is enjoying it!  He has been a very picky eater recently.  We aren't sure why, because he used to love food, and the food he once loved, he now seems to despise.  At his 15 month check up, the doctor assured us that this is normal and there may be days that he doesnt eat a thing.  He said, "he will eat what you give him when he is hungry".  Then he went on to say, "this phase will pass...maybe not until he is 3-5, but it will pass."  Geez! But, he is still growing great, so i am not worried.  This morning we are playing around the house.  We will probably draw a picture for Daddy.  Joe loves coloring.  He likes to see what comes from scribbling with the different color crayons.  And, so far, he has yet to try and color on anything but paper.  Thank goodness!  We are waiting to hear from my sister, Aunt Ashley.  She doesnt have class or work today, so she is going to spend some time with us.  Joe loves to play with her and he really loves to play with her cell phone.  Hers is much cooler than mommy and daddy's.  
We are excited to spend time with Daddy when he comes home today.  Last night he got to hang out with some of his friends, so we didnt see as much of him.  I'm so glad John has friends that he can watch hockey with.  (Of course, they aren't from Alabama.)  He had a great time with his buddies, and we are glad Daddy has such good friends....but we are even more glad that we get alllll of his attention tonight.  I love watching John and Joe play.  They are always special moments that bring so much joy to me.  Well, i better get messy boy cleaned up.  I'm going to let him watch one of his cartoons before I make him watch Rachael Ray with me at 10.  Have a great Wednesday!    

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