Tuesday, March 8, 2011

To The Park!

Friday was a cloudy day and rain was in the forecast for all of Saturday, so when I picked Joe up from school, I decided to take the boys to the park. What's a weekend without playtime at the park, right?? We practically had the place to ourselves. There weren't many humans, but lots of geese! :) I snapped some pictures, with my cell phone of course!

This picture cracks me up. Joe has developed a little fear of the wind. He doesn't want things
blowing away. Who knows where they will go, right? Notice his worried face here? The wind really picked up and he was saying,
"Mom! Where is your purse?! Get your purse mom! The wind will get it!" ...hehe

When we got to the park there was a little girl there with her dad.  He was pushing her round and round on this thing, and then they left.
When Noah climbed on, Joe ran over and said, "I'll be your daddy, Noah! I'll push you! Hold on!"

These boys always play kitchen if we go to a park that has something like this. 
Quesadillas are their specialty. I love their little imaginations

Joe's legs aren't quite long enough to step from stool to stool, so he got creative.
The kid has great problem solving skills :)

We love the park! 

Today is the first day in forever that we have nothing on our agenda and I am loving it. Still in my robe. Still drinking coffee. Sore from Zumba last night. Enjoying my boys. What a great feeling. Now if only our house would sell! 

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