Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hangin' With My Cowboy

This morning Joe is at school. I wanted to make a run to the grocery store after we dropped him off. I've been putting off buying paper towels for a couple days...out of pure laziness. I've decided to be lazy again today, because the weather is YUCKY. I pictured myself getting soaking wet while pulling Noah out of his car seat, running into the store only to slip and fall and injure us both. Not a pretty picture. Thus we stay here and pray that these 2 paper towels left on the roll last us through today. :)


Back to what i really wanted to post about. My Cowboy.

My little buddy man. My sweet precious chunky cheek baby boy. The little bit of baby that is left in our house.

I get a few hours with him all to myself while big bro is at school. (FYI: Joe's learning about community helpers today...policemen, firemen, etc Can't wait to see what crafts he comes home with today!)

You can't help but fall in love with this guy.

He found his baby Bumbo seat in his closet. "new" entertainment!

This one makes me giggle. Look at those chunky cheeks and that precious double chin :)
finger in mouth = teething

this is what we call "squishy face"

he looks just like big brother here. Noah, DONT GROW UP!

I just warmed up my cup of coffee for the 4th time and Noah is waiting on me to join him on the couch to watch Bubble Guppies. (great new show on Nick by the way. do any of your kids watch it?!) So, I'm outta here...

But first, a CONFESSION

I swore to myself that I wouldn't join the Angry Birds bandwagon. Wouldn't cha know John and I were in bed last night, both of our phones out, playing Angry Birds, shouting things like "Gottcha!" "Yessss!" "Just one more more try.....I almost got it i think....Oh, i figured it out! more time, just one more time....Ugh...Stupid Pigs!" "Come on birds!" "Dang it, i over shot" "NOOOOO!" Yes! I did it I did it!" "OK, let's stop so we aren't dreaming about birds and pigs."

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