Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lovin' me some weekends!

We had a great weekend. The weather in Birmingham is beautiful right now.  Upper 70's and sunny, Flowers blooming, Grass turning green..... we are loving it!

Friday, the boys got their hair cut. We love going to 'N Vogue. They are like 2nd family. (The boss lady is my she's 1st family, of course :)

Plug: Check out the link to the website. Get your booty over there for all of your hair, skin, cosmetic, nails, massage, gift & accessory needs! You will thank me later :)

Anyways, back to our weekend. Saturday we got some things done around the house. We also printed, stuffed, and addressed invitations for Sara Beth's shower. Little Man is coming home from Ethiopia so so soon!!

Sunday..... was the greatest day of all.

We went to church. It was AWESOME. The Lord knew exactly what i needed to hear. Worship was so so great. We went to lunch as a family afterwards. YUM. Big. Juicy. Burgers and Cajun fries.
We got home and the weather was PERFECT. So we turned the sprinkler on, let the boys run around in it, did some yard work, and i took a walk. Oh it was NICE.

We threw the boys in the shower to get all the grass and mud off of them and then we sent them off to bed for naps.

John and I got to talkin' after we put the boys down. The previous couple of days were full of anxiety. What's going to happen with our house? Where will we end up living once we get to Omaha? When we go up there next weekend, do we look at houses or apartments? What if our house takes forever to sell? What if? What if? What do we do? When's it going to happen? GRRRRR.

So we prayed.

We let go.

We talked about how minute all of this is in the grand scheme of things.

Jesus's blood is our victory. That's all that really matters.

2 hours later we got a phone call.....


Closing date, April 28th. Moving to Omaha April 29th. Bittersweet.

But, so far, this experience has been incredible. God is showing up. He's preparing the way. And I want to shout it from the rooftops :)

Without further ado... pictures from the weekend....

This was actually Thursday. St. Patrick's Day & a before shot of the hair.
Notice his new big boy seat!

After the hair cut sportin' momma's sunglasses and a treat :)

Noah just got a little trim in the very back. His mullet was beginning to make a re-appearance, 
and Sara Beth loves me enough to tell me. Thanks, SB for the hair cuts!
Cookie treat. He did great!


Silly Boy

John's ready for his cheeseburger. This may have been more exciting to him than getting a contract
on the house :)

mmmmm fries out of a paper bag = the best

Sprinkler Time!

Thanks to all of you who have been praying for us! John and I are heading up to Omaha this weekend to look at houses and we are having an inspection on our home this weekend as well. Keep the prayers coming!

Happy Hump Day!

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Lindsay said...

Congrats on the contract! Not that we're super close to Omaha but if you need a place to stay while house hunting or just need a mini vacation in Denver, our doors are open!