Monday, March 14, 2011

Saturday = Target Day!

The boys have grown to really like Target. As in, they ask to go there alllll the time. Maybe it's because I usually can't resist letting them pick something from the dollar bins. That probably explains their love for the big red bulls eye. It's a great thing that they are so fond of the place, because we are there at least once a week- usually as a family on Saturday.

While John was paying for our usually buggy full of diapers and random items, I took the boys outside for an impromptu photo shoot with my....... cell phone!

This was the one time I got Joe to look at me for a picture... and this was the "cheese" face I got. HA

John joined us and we snapped a couple with his iphone. Much cooler pics.
In order to get Joe to look at the camera, I said, "Hey Joe, can you find the apple on daddy's phone?!" 
That's why he is pointing.

On the way home. ($1 bin purchase of the day- green sunglasses with tiny frogs on them)

tired and grumpy mommy and the always pleasant daddy :)

Hehehe... John and his chins :) I posted this to facebook and he wasn't even embarrassed. 
Maybe posting to the blog will do it. Well, honey...Embarrassed yet??

We had a great weekend. Hope you did, too! 

Cheers to a great week...Happy Monday to YOU!

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