Friday, March 11, 2011

Just a thinkin'

I joined an email small group type thing that my sister is a part of. Today was my first day to participate. The idea of it is to encourage each other through our own quiet times, and to hold each other accountable in doing them. I share something from my time with God whether it be a song, scripture, devvotional or book text, etc. It's neat to read what God is doing in other people's lives and it's fun that i hardly know any of them...yet anyways. I thought I would share with you what I shared with my email community group, or whatever we are calling it!

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Hi Everyone!

I’m Misty maiden name is Teate, so that makes me Ashley Teate –now- Wadsworth’s big sister. I know some of you know her :) and that’s how I came to be a part of this little community we’ve got going on.

I’m super glad to be a part of it.

I’m 26 years old and I live in Birmingham with my husband and 2 precious boys- Joe, almost 3 1/2 and Noah, 22 months. I stay at home with my little ones. We are about to up and move to Omaha, NE though, which is why I’m so grateful to join you guys. We know just a small handful of people in Omaha, so it’s nice to be a part of this community of believers that can go anywhere with me! Thanks for having me!
(My husband is taking a job at a church in Omaha called Relevant Community Church. He will direct the Sunday morning services. He is a graphic designer and will also be designing bulletins, slides, video, and marketing materials for the church. That’s the reason for our move)

I’m doing a devotional/study called Brave: honest questions women ask by Angela Thomas.

I wanted to share with you a verse that she brings up in the study. It’s super encouraging to me as I’m doing a lot of waiting right now! Waiting for our house to sell, waiting to buy a house, waiting to move, waiting to see what our new life is going to be like.

Psalm 33:20

“We wait IN hope for the Lord.”

Angela goes on to say...”but I do know that sometimes He desires that we wait in His presence until we receive His refreshment. We wait for strength. We wait for guidance. We wait for healing. Something powerful and life-giving comes through the waiting. This falls into the category of learning to trust our God of wonder and mystery.”

I love this. And I suspect that we are all waiting on something. Something little or something big. It will come because we wait in hope for the Lord to show up. He’ll give us the answers, He’ll provide, He’ll heal, He’ll show us the way... Because He loves us. Thanks for letting me share, guys! I’m praying that He shows up for each one of you in whatever way you need Him to, but remember the waiting can be one of the sweetest parts. Keep hoping and seeking!


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