Friday, March 11, 2011

Lazy Friday Morning

We're having a lazy Friday morning. And I'm choosing to have a lazy day all day until Zumba tonight. The lazy days are coming few and far between, so I'm taking advantage of an empty schedule!

A few cell phone photos of our morning so far.....

Starting the day off right...

That coffee (Don Francisco's- Hawaiian Hazlenut) is oh so yummy and CHEAP! 
Agave Nectar is my fave sweetener. Have you used it?? What do you use?!

Color Time!

Breakfast Time!

I asked what they wanted for breakfast, and this is what they stole off the counter, ripped open, and helped themselves to picked. I decided, what the heck!, let 'em have's lazy friday! (and now i don't have to clean up breakfast mess!)

Cuddle Time!

We're going to stay in our sweats and enjoy each other today. Great way to start the weekend! Wouldn't you agree?

Confession: I ate left over thai food (pad thai to be exact) for breakfast. Don't judge :)  Got it from a new place in Pelham - Tao Taste of Asia- right next to Publix. YUMMMMY! I've decided I need to eat it as much as possible over the next few weeks since we will be moving and i will no longer be able to enjoy it.  ooooooh it's sooooo goooooood!

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