Friday, March 4, 2011

Star Lake

Yesterday was a full day.  We went to the chiropractor, then to Joe's speech therapy, then we met my mom (Honey) for lunch, the she and i took the boys to Star Lake to feed the ducks and walk a couple of laps.  I snapped a few cell phone pictures while we were at Star Lake. (Maybe I should re-name my blog "Misty's Cell Phone Pictures" Ha)

Honey handing out the geese/fish/turtle food.

Noah watching the geese in the distance.

"There it is!!!" (do you see our turtle friend poking his head out of the water?)

What a fun day! It left us warn out and ready for naps. Good thing for rest time.... Zumba kicked my booty last night!

On the Omaha front...

I got an email from the director of the preschool that Joe will be attending this fall. He is going to be in Reece's class!! (For those of you who don't know, Reece is Ronnie and Kristy's daughter, our great friends in Omaha, and they are also the pastor and pastor's wife of the church we will be joining there.) YAY!! I cried like a baby when I got that email.  I'm not exactly sure why.  It's going to be a hard move, and knowing that my Joe is going to have a forever friend in his class makes it a little easier :)
They can tell their grandchildren one day that they were in the same preschool class at age 3, right Kris?!

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