Thursday, April 30, 2009

Gettin Crafty!

So... I decided that for Noah's room, I would make as much as I could.  I didn't really do that with Joe's room.   Most of the decor was bought. (except for two awesome paintings that his aunt Cindy made him and a painting that Daddy made in college.)  Since it's hard to get out, and a lot of housework leaves me sore and exhausted, I decided that being crafty would allow me to feel more productive.  So, yesterday, Joe and I made it to Hobby Lobby where I bought some canvases (john and I are going to paint them this weekend... John will probably be better at this than me.) , some felt, some ribbon, a hot glue gun, paint etc.  After I put Joe down yesterday afternoon, I lined a white wicker lamp that my mom gave me (it was in either mine or my sister's room when we were little) with some ribbon that I bought.  Chocolate Brown with baby blue polka dots.  (The colors in Noah's room are white, brown, and light blue.)  I also lined two of his canvas bins that go on his changing table shelving with the same ribbon.  Then, I spent a lot of time cutting out different size polka dots in white and blue that were to go on a chocolate brown curtain.  TODAY, Joe and I went to buy the curtain at Target and I just finished gluing the dots and ribbon on the curtain.  I'm pretty darn proud.  It feels good to buy some plain inexpensive items and turn them into masterpieces. (okay, so i realize they aren't masterpieces, but they look much better than they did before!!!)  Noah's room is finally coming together.  We just need to rearrange the furniture, hang some things on the walls, and put up his masterpiece of a curtain! ha  :)    Besides putting the final touches on his room, we just need to get the double stroller put together, (which i guess really isnt that important to complete before he gets here. I was stressing about it last night and John said, you know, you aren't going to be putting that tiny new born in that stroller for probably a couple weeks.  He's right) put his car seat in the car, and buy a couple more small things (clothing and bottles, mainly) 
Anyways, I freaked out yesterday when I realized that if I made it all the way to my due date, which I don't think I will, I only have 33 days left of pregnancy.  33 days or less. Wow.  This pregnancy has flown by.  Joe's seemed to last forever, but this time it honestly feels like I just found out I was pregnant.  But then I look at my belly and it is very convincing that a baby has been in there for a while. A long while!  
Noah, your daddy, brother, and I are so ready to meet you and welcome you into our little family.  We love you so much already, and we thank the Lord for blessing us with you!!!

Well, I am going to try and rest for 30-45 minutes before Joe-man wakes up!  The weekend is almost here! Yay!!!!!

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Ashley Waldrop said...

You will have to take pictures so I can see his sweet nursery!!