Monday, April 27, 2009

my little learner

Joe is at that age where he is soaking up everything.  He copies just about everything that John and I do.  If John uses his foot to close a drawer, then that's how Joe closes the drawer.  If I am using a make up brush on my face, then he uses the brushes on his face too.  Such a copy cat!  It's crucial now that we watch our actions, words, and attitudes, because he is paying attention.  If we want him to be like Jesus, then we ourselves have to model our Savior's behavior.  I have been thinking the last couple of days about how I need to really start introducing Jesus to Joe.  I need to read him more bible stories and play more praise music.  I need to start telling him how much Jesus loves him.  Now that he is picking up on things, I can show him more than just Christ's love. 
He is also, as of today, majorly interested in puzzles.  He is really getting the hang of it!  I'm so proud of my smart little guy.  He is not a baby anymore.  18 months is quickly sneaking up on us.  Where did the time go??? 

Weekend Update:  We had a good one!  John woke up early on Saturday.  He had to spend the majority of the day working on a freelance project.  He will most likely be working at home after work the next few nights as well.  Though Joe and I would love to have more of Daddy's time the next few days, we are thankful that the Lord is providing for us.   Saturday after Joe's nap, we picked up my mom and headed to the Summit to walk around.  Mom treated us all to some ice cream (which was perfect for the 90 degree weather!) and she bought some clothes for Joe and Noah.  Thank you, Mom!!!!!  These are Noah's first new clothes.  All of the clothes that I have in his drawers and closet were Joe's.  I'm glad he has a few originals now :)  He still needs a few summer clothing items since Joe's newborn clothes were winter clothes.  After some shopping, we threw pennies in the fountain (Joe could have done this for forever!) until we ran out.  Then John was able to meet us for dinner and Johnny Rockets.  We were all starving from walking around the past couple hours.  Joe Joe ate a delicious grilled cheese and made a mess with french fries and ketchup.   We all headed to my mom and dad's afterwards so we could see Pops (my dad) and Nelly (the pup).  Joe got to burn off some energy before we headed home for bed.  Sunday, we were all able to go to church together! YAY!  Before this Sunday, john and I had to be at the church early on alternating Sundays.  We arranged it that way so someone could be with Joe at home until time for church.  Now that Joe is a little older, he is easier to watch at the church, so we both go early one Sunday, and John keeps an eye on Joe while he prepares the media for the service and I have worship practice.  Alternating Sundays we are now able to spend all of Sunday morning together, which is wonderful.  We went to lunch with friends after the service, and then I had a diaper derby shower at the church.  Yay for diapers!! I got lots of diapers and wipes, diaper rash cream, changing pads, etc.  It's great not spending my own money on those things!!  Especially when buying diapers for two!  I am so thankful for all of the gifts we received.  Sunday night, Taylor came over to the house to watch Joe so that John and I could go to our marriage small group.  It's so great getting to know other couples in the church.  We had a great time and Joe always has a blast with Tay Tay :)
So, we had a great weekend!  And we are ready to start a new week!

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