Friday, April 24, 2009

yucky stomach bugs :(

I was out of commission on Wednesday due to a stomach bug.  Apparently it has been going around around here.  No fun at all.  Luckily, Joe was pretty great on Wed.  He entertained himself most of the day and let me lay around a good bit.  John was able to come home about an hour early from work, so that helped too.  I was feeling much better by late evening.  I'm so glad the bug didnt last long.  Other than that, we are doing great!  Joe's top two front teeth broke through last week, and they are a little more visible now.  He has at least two teeth trying to come in as we speak.  Poor little guy has been a little grumpy the past few days.  Over all, he has not been a bad teether...thank goodness!  It doesn't affect his eating or sleeping.  He just gets a little grumpy sometimes, but it's not too bad.  Yesterday, he started counting to three.  He usually does it when he wants to throw a ball... he says, "uh, two, teeeeeee!" then throws it.  He is slowly adding to his vocabulary.  He loves trying to do motions to songs...his favorite is, "bringing home a baby bumble bee".  That was my favorite when i was little.  I performed it many a times standing on coffee tables.  Joe is getting more fun every day.  He makes us laugh and smile all the time.  He is definitely our greatest source of entertainment!  

What's on tap for the weekend?  Nursery work!  Yesterday I put the swing together, so this weekend, we need to put the changing table together, as well as the double stroller.  Then I just need to do a little organizing and buy a curtain to hang on his window.  Pretty soon we will be ready for Noah to be here.  Other than nursery stuff, John will be mowing the yard and the rest of our time will be spent relaxing and playing with Joe.   It should be a great weekend!
Sunday, I have my church diaper derby shower.  The more diapers the better!  It will be a fun time, i'm sure.  Then, in a couple of weeks, I will have a small family shower.  The gifts we receive are so helpful and they mean so much.  Thank the Lord for family and friends!  

Well, that's all I've got for today.  Joe and I will be playing around the house today.  And, my sister may come for a visit.  We will be having a pretty laid back day!  

P.S.  For those of you that call us, we had a land line installed.  The number is 205-621-9946.  This will help me not go over on cell phone minutes!  

Have a great weekend!!!

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