Tuesday, April 28, 2009

days of boredom

Yesterday was a looooong day.  Of course, Joe and I stayed in even though the weather was absolutely beautiful.  Since we don't have a fenced in area, it is dangerous for me to take Joe outside.  I can't keep up with him and he could very well end up in the street.  Going anywhere has become more difficult, mostly because it takes a lot out of me.  My back has really been bothering me, probably because of the combination of pregnancy and carrying Joe.  I feel bad for Joe, that I can't do as much with him, or let him play outside during the day, so we have spent a lot of time "swimming" in the bath tub.  He loves it and it's new scenery compared to the living room or his bedroom.  So anyways, John had a meeting at the church until close to 9 last night after work, and then he had to get busy working on a freelance project.  Yesterday was lonely, and while playing with Joe brings me great joy, it is still hard not having any contact with other adults and not doing adult things.  Sometimes I feel trapped I guess.  While we would LOVE visitors, just about everyone in our life right now works during the day or is in school.  Needless to say, the days have been a little long and lonely for me.  I always look forward to John getting home, because I love him first of all, but also because I can talk to him and he can talk back :)  I will admit it is nice having help with Joe, too.  And, he is able to take Joe Joe outside.  Tonight John will have to do some more freelance work, but I think he is hoping to have it done by tomorrow.  
Joe is doing great!  My back has been hurting a little more than usual the last two days, but he has done so well playing on his own.  He really knows how to entertain himself, and me too!  He rarely fusses, and has been in a great mood...even when hungry and sleepy.  I am so impressed these days with how much he knows.  I think the Lord is helping me out a little bit! If I ask him if he wants something and he does, he goes right to it, or if he cant get it himself, he stands near it and reaches.  If I am looking for something of his and I ask him where it is, he always knows and goes to get it.  He is a smart little guy for sure.  He has been able to open doors here and there, so we are really having to look out for him and are always making sure the front and back door are locked.   
Recently, he has found it fun to climb on the coffee table, stand up on it, and start dancing.  I tell him to sit down, and he immediately does so, but stands right back up and begins dancing again.  I have to admit I don't try too hard to stop this behavior, because 1, i constantly watch him and am ready to catch him if he falls, 2, because i'm really not worried about him falling, because his balance is great and he seems to be very aware that a wrong step could lead to a fall, and 3 because we had lots of pictures and videos of me doing the same thing when i was little...singing and dancing on coffee tables.  It's his little stage.  
Well, Joe just woke up from his nap...so we are going to play until Daddy gets him... then the boys will head outside.  
Hope you have had a great Tuesday :)  Blessings!

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