Tuesday, May 5, 2009

News from the Doc

Yesterday I had a check up with the doctor.  Everything went well.  I am 36 weeks pregnant...so not much longer to go!!  She measured my uterus and I am actually measuring about 1/2 a week smaller....which is crazy that around 30 weeks I was measuring 3 1/2 weeks ahead.  Noah's size has evened out nicely.  I would like to think that I am not going to have a huge baby (as I was thinking a couple weeks ago) however, Joe measured right on schedule the entire time and still weighed 9 lbs!  I asked my doctor why people's jaws drop when I tell them I have 4 weeks left (apparently my tummy is HUGE) and she said its because I am carrying sooo low and all out front.  She said most women's uterus will grow up under their rib cage, but she can fit her hand between my ribs and my uterus.  I guess that explains why i don't get kicked in the ribs or suffer from indigestion.  I can't complain!  But, I am tired of people saying, "well you must be having twins!".  Anyways, Noah is head down and in position to enter this world!  I have been having cramping in the night the last couple of nights (causing some sleeplessness) and lots of braxton hicks contractions (some are quite uncomfortable).  She said Noah could come at this point, and that she wouldnt try to stop labor if that were the case.  I go again next Monday (starting the weekly visits) and she will check me then to see if I am dilated or thinned.  I have a feeling we won't make it to the due date.  This weekend, John and I are going to try to get the house ready as best we can in case things happen sooner.  Noah's nursery is ready to go, except for some paintings that john and I want to do together.  So we need to clean and organize the house and get the car clean and equipped.  My mom has soooo nicely offered to arrange for her house cleaner to deep clean our house while we are in the hospital.  It will be so awesome to come home to a really clean house! I am thinking/ hoping this could be a fast labor.  After my delivery with Joe, my doctor said, I bet your next baby will be a breeze to deliver.  You better get to the hospital as soon as you can!  Which.... has me reallllllly nervous lately.  With Joe i was induced, and for an induction, things happened rather quickly. (This is why the doc assumes this delivery will be a quick one) When I was pregnant with him, I thought it would be great to go into labor on my own... exciting and exhilarating but I was not opposed to induction.  This time around, I would much rather be induced.  It would make things a lot less stressful.  I just want to know when to be ready and have plans in place for Joe man.  I also have a fear that things will happen so quickly that by the time we get to the hospital there will be no time for an epidural.  YIKES!!  My epidural wore off for the pushing part of Joe's delivery which was very very painful, but it was so nice to relax, rest, and enjoy the labor experience. We will just have to see what the Lord has in store for us!  
We had a great weekend!  Friday night John and I had our usual chinese take out date after Joe went to bed.  Saturday, we spent most of the day trying to get some things done around here.  John did some yard work, and I did a little in the nursery.  We made a trip to Home Depot and Old Time Pottery and then John went to lunch with a college buddy who was in town.  After that, John and I worked in the nursery some more.  Saturday night, John and I had supper club to go to, so my dad came over to watch Joe for the evening.  They had some great guy time...and we had a great time hanging out with friends!  Sunday, we were at church from 8:45 to 12:30.  Joe did much better this time while John and I were preparing for the service.  I had worship practice and John was running all of the tech stuff.  After church we ate some yummy junk food for lunch.  We had a restful afternoon, and then that evening my sister Ashley and her boyfriend Doug came over to watch Joe for us while we went to out small group.  Joe had lots of family time this weekend!  ....My mom watched him for me to go to my doctor's appointment yesterday!  
Well, Joe is summoning me to come dance with him.  Time to break out my very pregnant moves :)
P.S. If I remember, I will post Noah's nursery pictures this weekend!

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