Thursday, May 7, 2009

the last couple of days...

First of all, let me ask you to pray.  Tuesday evening I got a call from my sister saying that her best friend and roommate got a call that her dad had been in a car accident and she needed to get to the hospital immediately.  My sister called to ask us to pray.  She called later to inform me that Allison's (ashley's BF and roommate) daddy had a massive heart attack while driving and they weren't able to revive him.  My heart hurts so deeply for Allison and her family (The Fulton's). This loss was so unexpected and tragic for them.  When i called John to keep him updated, since he had been praying as well, he said.."I think I saw that when I was coming home." He turned out to be right.  He saw what looked like a car had just driven off the side of the road.  He saw another car parked behind it, and the driver of that car was banging on the window and trying to get the car door open.  They got Mr. Fulton to the hospital but they were not able to resuscitate him.  He went to be with Jesus.  Please pray that the Lord would cover them in a blanket of peace and comfort, strength and hope.  They need lots of people lifting them up in prayer and calling on Jesus' name in their behalf during this very difficult time.  Also, please pray for my sister to be able to comfort her friend in this time.  Pray that Jesus would use Ashley and allow her to be His hands and feet to Allison in this extremely hard time.

Back to our world.  Tuesday after Joe's nap we went to Target to get a new curtain for his room.  His previous curtain let in more light, and now that it is so bright earlier in the mornings, I decided to try a new curtain to see if that would let him sleep longer.  I'm crossing my fingers! John is going to hang it tonight.  I spent last night adding some animal print ribbon to match his jungle room.  Since Tuesday was Cinco de Mayo I decided I would surprise John and pick up some authentic Mexican food for dinner and some Coronas.  He was surprised and we had an awesome Cinco de Mayo dinner!  After dinner I got to go hang out with my mom and watch American Idol.  John had a friend over after Joe went down, so I escaped to mom and dad's so they could have guy time.  Mom and I had a good time watching American Idol and eating cake. YUMMMY!  Wednesday the weather was yucky, so Joe and I stayed in and pretty much did nothing.  Last night... awfulness.  Before we could see who was voted off Idol, our power went out.  Apparently, a vehicle hit one of the poles and they had to send a crew out to fix things.  Our power came on at 4:30 this morning.  We spent most of the evening in the dark sitting.  It was not happy about it.  I didn't really sleep until the power came back on.  I was hot and could not get comfortable, and i was just waiting for Joe to wake up.  I just knew that without his sound machine he would be scared by the thunder or the trains that go by, so I was constantly trying to listen for him since we didn't have a monitor.  He never made a peep.  It was so loud and startling when the power came back on, but he slept right through it.  I guess he sleeps hard at night!  So I slept well from 4:45 or so to 7 this morning.  Needless to say, I am exhausted!!!  
I have still been having quite a few Braxton Hicks contractions and some cramping.  I haven't been the most comfortable the last few days, but I am hanging in there!  Noah is still moving like crazy.  He must be practicing Karate or something in there.  :)  
Joe is just the sweetest greatest little boy.  He has been so affectionate lately, and he just loves to love on me.  He hugs my belly all day long and gives me "nosey kisses" (aka eskimo kisses). He has started blowing on his food, I guess because he sees me doing it! It's cute.  He is now really great at putting his leggos together.  He has been building towers without any help!  He still isnt talking much, or i should say, he isn't talking in words that i understand much.  (He talks in his language loudly and alllll day long.)   Hopefully he will have his language explosion soon.  He is so great at communicating what he wants/needs without talking that i wonder if he feels no need to use words??  Who knows.  He has 18 months appointment in the middle of this month, so I am interested to see what the doc says about his growth and development.  We'll let ya know!  
Well, I am going to clean little man up from his lunch and get him ready for nap time.  Have a great Thursday!!

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