Friday, May 15, 2009

Yaaaay for Fridays!

I am sooo glad it is Friday.  I am so excited to have my little family together for 2 whole days.  There is nothing like the weekend.  This weekend is especially exciting, because tomorrow, I get to have my hair done, my eye brows waxed, and my feet treated to a deluxe pedicure.  This could be the last weekend we have before Noah arrives, so I am taking a little time to pamper myself.  What a blessing my mom and  'N Vogue are to me :)  And, I must not forget that my parents offered to come over to our house tomorrow night to watch Joe Joe so that John and I could have a date.  THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! What a great weekend this will be!  
Today has been a busy busy day.  (ok, so it wasn't really that busy, but it is definitely a far cry from staying at home all day long- like we have done most days lately.) Joe and I went to target this morning to get a few things for Noah, and to purchase some bedding for a crib at my mom's house.  We have been getting Joe's room ready over there for his stay when Noah comes.  Then, we headed to 'N Vogue to visit everyone and to go to lunch with mom.  We went to Dale's Southern Grill and had a delicious meal! Honey (my mom) even got Joe some home made banana pudding for dessert.  He LOVED it! After that, Joe and I took John some lunch at work and we headed home.  I'm worn out!  Joe went down for his nap around 1:30 and will probably sleep until 4 or 4:30.  This means time to rest for me!  It's so funny the reactions I get in public.  People look at me like they feel so sorry for me that I am still pregnant.  I get lots of "hang in there's".  And of course, no one believes that I technically have over 2.5 weeks left to go.  For the last 2 months every person I have talked to has said I look like I'm about to pop and that there is no way I have however long left.  They were wrong! Noah is still inside and we are still growing.  I go to the doctor again on Monday... I am hoping to talk to her about the possiblity of induction.   Sleeping has been very difficult the last few nights, mostly because I can't breathe.  I'm really not that uncomfortable, but being able to breathe would help a lot!  And, when i do doze off, I have the most insane dreams you could ever imagine.  Think LOST but 100 x crazier.  That seems to affect my ability to sleep as well.  
Anyways, I hope you have a great weekend.  Hopefully you get to spend time with the ones you love!  And, if you think of me over the next few days, pray that Noah comes soon and that the delivery is safe and that he is strong and healthy! 
I'll post a doctor's update Monday afternoon. 

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Ashley Waldrop said...

Have a wonderful weekend! Maybe the pedicure will push him along. I had a "deluxe" pedicure the day before I went into labor..I can't wait to see pictures of baby Noah!