Monday, May 11, 2009

the doctor and the dentist

So, John and I both had doctor appointments today.  Mine was better than John's!  I'll start with John.  For almost a week, one of his wisdom teeth had been bothering him.  It grew in sideways.  By this past Thursday, his face was swollen, he could barely open his mouth, and he was in a lot of pain.  He got in to see the doctor this afternoon, and after lots of happy gas and Novocain, the tooth was pulled.  So, he is now on pain killers and antibiotics (there was infection), and he is on his way to recovery.  Thank goodness! We were worried there would have to be surgery involved. 
While John was having a tooth pulled, I had my weekly check up at the OB.  I am 1/2 a cent. dilated...not much, but it's a start.  I have just barely thinned some.  Noah is once again measuring further along.  I am almost 37 weeks, and he is measuring closer to 38 1/2.  I'm not looking forward to pushing out another 9 pounder!!  I asked the doctor if she thought this one would be bigger than Joe, and she said, "well, he's not going to be a peewee. that's for sure!"  We will talk next Monday about a possible induction if he is still measuring bigger.  I'm still having some pretty strong braxton hicks contractions, so I was going to be shocked if there was no progress at all.  His head is still down and he is in the right position for birth.  
We didn't get to put the finishing touches on his room this weekend.  We spent our spare time cleaning/organizing other rooms and cleaning out the car, so i didn't take pictures yet.  I will as soon as his room is close to complete!
Mother's Day
I had an awesome mother's day!!  Joe slept in until 8..that was a great gift!!  John and I stayed in bed until he woke up, and then John brought Joe in our room and we had a cuddle fest for a little while until Joe decided it was time to play in the living room.  We wanted some eggs for breakfast, and since John isn't the greatest cook :)  he cracked the eggs for me (because I hate it!) and I did the cooking.  Then, I got my gift! I opened the sweetest card from John and Joe, and then I got a hot pink iPod!! Woohoo! (with accessories and an itunes gift card!) I have been wanting one to work out with after Noah arrives, and i thought it would be great to start downloading music for Joe on too.  He loves home and in the car!  It was an awesome surprise!  We went to church and headed straight to my aunt's house for mother's day lunch.  We had some good southern cookin' :)  When we got home, John and I got to relax together while Joe napped.  Then we got our favorite fast food for dinner.  It was a great Mother's Day!!!  
I'm getting excited for my family baby shower tomorrow night! Nothing like getting together with my mom, sister, grandmother, aunts and cousins.  I can't wait! 
I hope your week is starting off great!  Besides teeth pulling, ours is!

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