Wednesday, June 29, 2011

my sister

my sister just found her husband's urn.  my parents put it away so that she could have it when she was ready. She wasn't "ready" but she came upon it while looking for something else.

Let me ask you...

Would you be able to praise Him in this storm?

Because the first words out of my sister's mouth via skype, as she was holding what used to be Ben, was...

"God is good. Thank you, God, for taking him home."

After the past couple of weeks, of John being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, which is by no means a death sentence, i have been worried. scared. angry. sad.  Even in that circumstance it is hard to praise the Lord.


I am proud of you.  The Lord is using you to transform me and so many other people around you. Probably even people that you don't know personally.  Thank you for holding on so tightly to your faith in Jesus Christ, because it sure does encourage me to hold on tighter.
You are SO right. God is good. And Ben is HOME.

I'm going to share something very personal and intimate with you all. Because I want this for each of you.  I want you to be able to praise our good God in the storms that you face.  I want it to be your first response too.  I sure do want it for myself. And, I know, my sister would want it for you, too.

The day after my sister lost her sweet husband, we were in the car, listening to worship music, and she was doing this...

Praising Jesus in the midst of the worst storm of her life.

Please lift her up today.


Anonymous said...

I'm very proud of both my little girls. Lv Dad

Meredith said...

Misty, that gave me chills and brought tears to my eyes. I cannot imagine what Ashley is going through, but let her know I'm thinking about her all the time. Miss y'all!

Love, Meredith