Thursday, June 9, 2011

Delicious Disaster

We went to TCBY with some friends the other night.

It was already past bedtime.

Our little outing was a complete disaster whole lot of fun. :)

Let's just say the kids were loud, they didn't want to listen, they were running into the parking lot and around the building. There was wrestling (mostly on my kids' part) and there was a lot of sticky mess.

We, or at least I, could have gotten easily irritated, but instead we laughed it off.

We're making summer memories. Fun ones and chaotic ones.

*The pictures below do not reflect the disaster.*

What did I learn from this little trip to TCBY? 
1. Kids will be kids. They aren't perfect and I can't expect them to be.
2. Relax
3. Making memories is worth the chaos.
4. This is a big one--  Do NOT order the rainbow cream flavor for my kids EVER again.

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