Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Jazz, Golden Toes, Bedrooms, and a Hair Cut.

Best title I could come up with. Boring, I know.

Not too much to say today...

Just wanted to share a few snapshots from our weekend....

My first try at a hair cut. Not too bad.
This would also be Joe's first "buzz cut".
Poor guy has a widow's peek and a cowlick on either side.
I think he looks super cute. John does too, except for the first time he saw it.  
I called him upstairs to take a look. I had Joe on the back patio in just his underwear.
John looked and me a whispered, "Babe, he kind of looks like he belongs in a Holocaust camp..."
....shaved head, tall and thin, just undies. 
I could see why he thought that. :)

I thought I would share a picture of the boys' room. I moved Joe into Noah's room. 
This is the first time they have had a room together.
They think it's really fun!

This weekend we went to Village Point. John needed to stop in the Apple store, 
so we thought we would head over there for dinner, too.
They had a wine festival and Jazz band.
We were there before the crowd, so the boys got to play and dance around.

Last but not least...

My new nail polish! Picked up a small treat for myself while we were out.
I also got a new nose ring...or stud I should say.
Loving the sparkly gold. You can't see the sparkles so well, here though.

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