Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Busy Weekend!

Last week was a little crazy. Up and Down. Exhausting.

So, A fun weekend was in order!

Friday, i took the boys, along with some other moms and kiddos to the Splash Station. I was a little nervous that i wouldn't get a chance to relax- you know- having two little toddlers and all, but it was perfect for them, and I got plenty of time to lounge and WATCH my kids have a great time.  I told my friend, Kristy, "This is the most relaxed time I have ever had around water since having kids." The Lord knows I needed it. :)

This little buddy spent a lot of our time there in goggles. It was hysterically cute!
Of course, his face never went under water.

After lunch treat... as big as his head :)
Yummmmm... hot dogs.

On Saturday, we slept in a little and went to brunch as a family.
Hallelujah for chorizo, egg and potato breakfast tacos!

Then, we went to Elkhorn Days.

Our church is in the Elkhorn community, so we wanted to get involved with the town's annual Elkhorn Days events. We had a tent where we passed out free water bottles as people enjoyed different booths and activities after the big parade.

Picture #1- our Tent. Picture #2- our float.
I stole these pictures from Reverend Ronnie Rothe. Ha ;)

The boys had a good 'ole time riding horses, jumping in bouncy houses, sampling italian ice and eating fried food. A kids dream, I tell ya ;)

It was a fun- but exhausting- day.

I woke up Sunday morning with a sore wrist... so, naturally, i thought i slept on it wrong. By the end of the day Sunday, i could barely move it.  I've been wearing an ACE wrap, and it helps a little. But, boy, does it hurt. I'm thinking maybe I have tendonitis, and passing out water bottles, aggravated it? Who knows? I do know that it is painful wrestling boys, lifting boys, and opening juice cups. :(

Anywhoo, Sunday morning we had a great time of worship at church and we spent the rest of the day recouping from the previous week and busy weekend.  I still feel worn out, maybe emotionally, from the last couple of months, but I know that God is going to do great things. And I'm so encouraged by the many blessings he has already given me.

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Tkh said...

Misty!! This soooo makes me miss the midwest. I used to take Mike and Jess to a similar waterpark like the one you have pictured here near our home in Wisconsin. I'd hang out with the girlfriends while the kids safely played. We'd picnic. So much fun and I remember it didn't cost me an arm and a leg to get in. (when I moved here to bham, i was in shock that i couldn't find ANYTHING close to that to do here). The parade, the pony rides....all of it is so podunk! Midwestern style! Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Take care of yourself as you recoop and heal! Also, your boys are THE cutest! I hope Josh and Jess get workin' on that for us someday soon. LOVE you, Mrs. H