Monday, June 6, 2011

New Home

Don't get too excited. I'm not about to show you pics of our new home.  I haven't really taken many. (But don't worry. There will be a house post soon!)

It's fun having a new home and getting to make it your own.  There are lots of projects to be done, lots of things that need to be bought. The thing is, we don't have a lot of time and we definitely have a budget. So, it will be a long while, I'm sure, before our house is the way we want it...before it really reflects our style.

I came across THIS blog today.

I could move right in her house and be happy. The decor is ME. So, if you have ever wondered what my style is, this would be it.

I'm inspired.

....if only money grew on trees :)

A girl can dream, right??

P.S. Look what I bought this past week at a garage sale! Currently deciding what color to paint it.

It's an old school desk. 
((Maybe I should have taken a pic with it right side up. Oh well.))

Maybe I'll do something like this...

Photo found HERE

Maybe in turquoise...or orange....or green.

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