Tuesday, February 8, 2011

discouraged and hopeful...

all at the same time.

So, our house has been on the market for almost 2 weeks. We have had an open house that no one attended and only one appointment for a walk through. That's why I am discouraged. I guess I expected the phone to be ringing off the hook with people wanting to see it, because we have the best house ever :). Just kidding, but i did think there would be more traffic. And, it's frustrating to work so hard cleaning and organizing and cleaning some more on a daily basis while juggling two crazy messy toddlers for no one to come. But, enough with the pity party! They are no fun, right?

The good news, is that I'm still hopeful. The one lady that did walk through really loved the house. She had no complaints and her realtor said it showed beautifully. That is all very encouraging. Why she didn't make an offer? It wasn't her ideal location. She really wanted to be closer to Valleydale Rd. and we are further south in Pelham. Bummer. A few miles was a deal breaker. (I'm praying, however, that our house will continue to be her favorite compared to others and she will decide to sacrifice a few miles for the home) We will see! I know that it will sell in time, and that the Lord knows exactly what He is doing, and He knows what's best for our family, better than we do. That is a big enough reason to be hopeful.

Next week we are making our annual trip to Palm Springs, CA to visit and vacation with John's parents. We are so excited about going and it comes at a much needed time! I can't wait to not worry about keeping the house spotless for an entire week! We'll post lots of pictures when we get back!

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