Friday, February 11, 2011

Death Becomes Nemo

Poor unfortunate little fish.

Our beloved Nemo has died gone to heaven. :(

Joe is very proud of himself for all of his potty training successes.

He realizes that he is a little more independent and can do some things on his own.

So, while mommy was getting ready yesterday, he got his stool, grabbed Nemo's food, and fed him dumped the whole jar in his bowl.

I walked into the living room to see Joe standing on his stool looking at the fish bowl.

"Mommy!! I fed Nemo! All by myself!"

Uh oh.

We cleaned his bowl this past weekend. It was sparkling.

Now it's a nasty cloudy brown color. You can see Nemo in the top left corner.

I won't look at the bowl.

I don't get grossed out easily at all. Show me something completely disgusting and I'm usually okay with it.

Not this time.

I think it's because something dead is floating around in there. It makes me queazy.

Maybe i'll lighten the mood.

Noah has traded in his cowboy hat for a headband. (it was only 15 minutes before he traded back)

Maybe I'll take him to Zumba with me next time!

John and I are celebrating Valentine's Day tomorrow night. I'm so excited!

Bottega here we come!!

The menu looks incredible. My mouth is watering.

And thank you best sister ever, Ashley Teate Wadsworth, for watching the boys!


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