Thursday, November 17, 2011

My own little Rocky Balboa

Noah and I went to pick up Joe from school yesterday.  We got home and Noah had lots of toys to carry inside.  We walked around to the front of our house, where we have 2 concrete steps that lead up to our front porch and doorway.

I'm not exactly sure what happened, but it seemed as though Noah stepped on to the bottom step and his foot slipped off. His hands where full, so his brow bone caught the fall on the top step.


He cried immediately and I watched as a big bruised swollen bump appeared quickly right before my eyes.  My heart broke and everything inside of me wanted to panic.

Thank goodness John was working from home.  His calmness kept me from having a heart attack :).

I spent time on the phone talking with nurses while John held Noah in front of one his favorite shows with an ice pack (our friend the bumble bee boo-boo buddy).

We all came to the conclusion that there was nothing to worry about.  No concussion or other head injury symptoms, so we put him down for a nap after a couple of hours and a good lunch.  They told us to go and "stir" him every couple of hours during nap time, just to make sure he was responding in some way.

---- Normally, these kind of things don't phase me.  I can look at the goriest of gore and I don't get nauseous or panicky.  When it's my own child, apparently, it's a different story. I was panicky. worried. nervous. nauseous. quick to pray.----

Anyways, when he woke up from his nap, he looked like this.....

...only a little worse, because his eye wasn't opened at all. 

Back on the phone with the nurses.

I didn't expect for it to swell up that much more. Was it fractured? I needed assurance.

We still concluded that there was nothing to worry about.  They did suggest (proper protocol) that we either sleep with him for the next 2 nights, or "stir" him every two hours as a precaution.

We chose to take turns waking up every couple of hours. He did great over night, but woke up looking like this....

My poor guy.

They said it would probably get uglier and take at least a week for all of the swelling to go down and for most of the bruising to go away.

The good news?  This hasn't seemed to affect him at all. 
Still all boy.
Still playing hard.
Not complaining.... he's a trooper.

(sorry for the blurry pictures... it's hard to capture decent ones, 
especially on the cell phone, when they are playing!)

I'm thankful it is nothing serious. So very thankful. But my heart still hurts every time i look at his little eye.

**Joe just told me that he put that ^^helmet^^ (aka red fire fighter hat) on Noah to protect his boo boo. These brothers sure can be sweet. :) **

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