Monday, November 7, 2011

Missing my Family

God blessed me with an AWESOME family. Following the Lord's call on our lives and leaving Birmingham, Alabama wasn't hard at all. It was leaving my family that was hard.  I'm missing them today.

sisters :)

(i really can't believe i missed out on this one...)

it's not as fun watching Bama games without my Bama family :)

 mom and dad!!

come back to Omaha, cousin Mandy!!

...just looking through some random photos. my family is BIG so there may not be a picture of everyone, but i sure do miss them all. 

In this season of thanksgiving, I'm thanking the Lord for blessing me with the best family in the world!

In other news.... this guy...

is turning 4 one week from today.


I'm so thankful for my sweet, loving, stubborn Joe man.

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