Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I miss blogging.

The boys are laying next to each other watching Dora the Explorer, so I thought, now would be a good time to blog. I don't think I can handle one more minute of Dora! I guess I'll give you an update on the boys. They are doing great and really starting to love being brothers. Noah watches Joe's every move and laughs at him all the time. Joe loves to rub Noah's head, help me change his diapers, bring him toys, and take his pacie in and out of his mouth. We have a video monitor in Noah's room, so when Joe notices that he is up from a nap, he runs to his door, opens it, and tries to hop in his crib with him. Noah is always glad to see him! Joe has also started doing this thing when Noah is laying on the floor... he thinks it's a great game, i guess, to step over Noah, over and over, and it scares me to death.
Noah is sitting up well and getting ready to crawl. I can't believe I'm about to have two mobile little boys. Noah is also "talking" non stop. John is excited because he has started the "dadadadadadaaaa". ( But just so you all know, he has been saying "mamamama" for a while now (: ...but usually when he's upset.) Every thing he touches goes straight to his mouth. He also rolls across the floor like a madman. He loves his jumperoo and exersaucer, and he is so very happy almost all the time. He flirts with strangers and smiles all day long. I LOVE his smile. It's as big as his face. He loves to laugh and be tickled. He gives "head bumps", which is a sign of affection in our family. If you ask him to give you a head bump, he gently leans his forehead forward until it touches yours. So sweet. And most importantly, he is very healthy. We had his 6 month check up not long ago, and i don't remember the numbers, but he was in the 97th percentile for height and 60th percentile for weight. He has the same percentages that Joe did, which shocks me, because Noah is such a chunky monkey compared to Joe at that age.
Joe is loving life. He plays plays plays all day long. (which results in a 3 hour nap every day. never fails. i love it!) As i type this he is playing with legos. He spends a lot of time at the bathroom sink on his stool playing with toys in the water and brushing his teeth. He loves hide and seek and running around the house. He likes drawing and especially erasing on his chalk board. He would decorate his entire body with stickers if you let him. He loves loves loves helping me cook. (we may have a chef on our hands??) He would live off of pepperonis if he could. He jumps like a pro and he loves dancing with Yo Gabba Gabba. He is still so affectionate, curious, full of energy, and oh so sweet.
Oh, and he almost broke his thumb. Our first emergency. After church 2 Sundays ago (which happened to be Noah's dedication) we went out to lunch with family. While we were waiting on our table, my dad was holding Joe by the door. Dad went to open the door for someone coming in, and while dad was opening the door, Joe snuck his thumb right in where the hinges are. And it was a big door! I have never seen a thumb look like Joe's did. It looked completely smushed. (is that a word?) So, John and I quickly left, leaving Noah with my parents, and took him to Children's South. We also picked up a happy meal for Joe since he hadn't eaten. By the time we got there, he wasn't crying anymore, his thumb was filling out, he was enjoying his happy meal, and miraculously, he started using his thumb. So, instead of waiting for hours, we decided to go home, and keep an eye on. He is back to normal, thank you Lord. It was swollen for a day, but he used it well, moved it well. So we figured God healed his little thumb. When it first happened, there was no doubt in my mind that it was broken. My poor Dad, though. It wasn't his fault at all...just our curious little boy's, but I know he felt awful.
Well, we are gearing up for Christmas! We have had a couple of parties and will have a couple of more. Christmas shopping is just about complete, so we are just going to enjoy each other, enjoy family and friends, and make sure we remember the importance of this holiday. Thank you Lord for sending your son, to be born on this earth, knowing that he would be a sacrifice for me, for all of us, so that we can spend eternity with you.
Merry Christmas!

P.S. I promise I'm going to work on some pictures!

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