Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas, New Year, and Roll Tide

Sooooo just when I decide to take the time to upload pics, I find that I am out of room on my computer to upload them. Sheesh. But I have lots of great pictures from the holidays to share with you as soon as I spring clean the hard drive. (isn't that right? I need to make room on the hard drive, right?? Good thing John is my husband.) Anyways, we had a great Christmas in Birmingham, then traveled to St Louis (our journey started Christmas night after a delicious dinner at my grandmothers) Remind me to NEVER try to stay over night in a hotel room with Joe unless he has a crib or something to contain him. Our hotel failed to provide cribs, so Noah slept on the floor and did great. Joe was in the bed with us and did not fall asleep until 2:30 or 3. And after that he was tossing and turning and driving me crazy....peeling my eyelids open every time i shut them. It was pretty close to a sleepless night. They did great traveling though. I was very proud of them. St. louis was super fun, and we saw snow 3 different days. We had great family time with John's parents, his brother, sister in love, and our niece Coco. What a precious and super smart girl she is. I'm so thankful that Joe has a cousin his age to grow up with. Hopefully they will be best buddies one day.
We spent a week up in the Lou that consisted of family, yummy food, games, Christmas gifts, a trip to the mall and a carousel ride, a trip to the fire house (we took a tour), a New Years Eve date night for John and I, playing in the snow, and more that my brain is not remembering right now.
Cant wait to share some pictures with you!
Well, it's 2010 (that is totally the first time I have written, it's weird) and I have two major goals for this year. #1- Spend more time with the Lord on a consistent basis. My time with Him has been lacking, and I could blame it on motherhood and two small babies, but I won't because, if I really tried, I could make the time. #2- I am going to spend time exercising 5 days a week. Once again I have to make the time. Now that Noah is somewhat predictable, it looks like my best bet is to wake up early (like 6 or 6:30) to be able to spend time with the Lord and on myself. It's important to me to be healthy, for my family and myself. I am a much better wife and mom when I feel good about myself. Hold me accountable...I'm asking you.
Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a CRAWLER!! Noah has hit the ground crawling. (He's been scooting and dragging, and making his way for a few weeks now, but as of today, he's got the real crawl motion down.) Way to go, Noah! To be honest, I'm sad now. He's not going to want to be held all the time anymore. Maybe it's time for another sibling?! (john, don't pass out! I'm not serious. not right now anyway (= )
Good talking to you all!

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