Wednesday, August 10, 2011

'maters and skype

we have LOTS of tomatoes in the garden in our back yard.

this makes for great fun for the boys.

they do a great job crawling under plants searching for the color red in hard to reach spots.
(i really appreciate this.)

every once in a while a green one makes it into the pile.

i'm pretty sure it's hard to resist not to pick a green one when mom is constantly saying, "don't pick green ones, yellow ones, or orange ones....just RED."

line 'em up.

Joe man showing off his pickin's.
(i feel the need to talk in my most country accent when talking about pickin' 'maters. ???)

Noah and buddy Cruz with their loot.

the jungle

Cruz braving the jungle.

Bozo hair Noah :)

Joe took the next two photos. (He's mastered my phone.)

Bowl full of 'maters and sweaty boys

This one is for my sister: She taught Noah how to do a "mean face"....
...Not sure why he is pinching the skin on the sides of his face???

I Skype with my sister a lot.
Usually either early in the morning or late at night.
(this explains the crazy hair, no make up, etc)

Wanna See?!

Screen Shot One: "Normal Sisters"

Screen Shot 2: "Eye Brows that Make Your Face Look Like A Heart"

Screen Shot 3: "Sad Zombie Heart Face"

Screen Shot 4: "Laughing at Yourself is Good for the Soul"

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