Thursday, August 25, 2011

Basically, this is a photo dump :)

The last couple of weekends have been a lot of fun.  We realized that we haven't done a lot of fun things as a family since living in Omaha, so we are going to use our weekends as an opportunity to do just that!

Two weekends ago we went to breakfast and then to the Splash Station- it's a great little water park just outside of Omaha.
Yep. We are @ McD's. Our plan was to go to our usual Saturday breakfast joint- Jimmy's Egg, but we were running behind. McDonalds may not be healthy, but it sure is quick and easy!

pretty skies, pretty boy

sportin' my $2 Target red sunglasses. i heart them.

not sure what's going on here??? but he sure is cute!

Our Super Hero costumes came in the mail! 
anyone a fan of a friend of mine turned me on to it. GREAT deals on kids clothing/toys, women's clothing/accessories, baby gear, maternity wear, house stuff. Let me know if you want an invite to receive the daily deals. I've used it quite a bit recently! :)
YAY Beer Nuts!!! 
"Fighting crime one nut at a time!" -cousin Cindy :)

Rody even got in on the action...

The following weekend we went to Village Point. One of the stores there has an indoor ferris wheel. Joe and John took a spin.....

Noah was an inch too short to ride :(.  Therefore, he and i "rode" the escalator up and down. We also got him a special candy treat. Poor guy.

Later that night, Grace and Reese came over while their mommy and daddy went to a rehearsal dinner.
We made brownies!

I have to brag a little here.... you should see my little Joe crack an egg. I have never showed him how or let him do it before this, but he knew EXACTLY what to do and did it perfectly. -Proud Mama ;)

The next day we took the boys to see Cars 2. It was Noah's first time at the theatre. He did so well!
We left early though. I was a little disappointed in it. It went way over their heads and I could tell they were getting bored. It didn't keep their attention nearly as much as the first one. They were behaving so well, but i felt bad for them, so we headed out after watching for just over an hour.

Then we headed over to the mall. The boys made their very first Build A Bears!

Ready to stuff...

Pushing the Pedal...

Bathing their Bears (or a bunny and a dog, rather)


Meet Bussy- Noah's doggy and Woobii- Joe's Bunny.
Named all by their lonesomes. :)

Friday night we are having friends over for dinner. Saturday will be spent doing chores- because we need to- and because we are having a big meeting here after church on Sunday and John's parents are coming in to town next week.  This weekend doesn't sound quite as exciting as the last couple weekends, huh?

Except for the friends for dinner part ;)

Next week, John and I are heading out of town to celebrate our anniversary a little early. 5 exciting years!!!

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Patrick and Melanie said...

Looks like y'all are having so much fun in your new home!! Miss y'all!!