Friday, July 29, 2011

Lack of Blogging: An Explanation

My cousin, Mandy, flew to Omaha to spend a week with us. (she flew all by herself for the first time. just for us. awesome.)

We had a great time. The boys so LOVED her being here.

At the Pool

(not what you had in mind, huh?)

Ice Cream!

Out to Dinner

She was shocked to find that there was no sweet tea. 
Adding her own sugar.

We went home - to Birmingham- for a week. Mandy flew back with us.

Breakfast @ the Omaha airport

It was so good to be with family and friends and to be around all things familiar.


My sister flew back to Omaha with us. Heck Yes!

Passing time @ the Birmingham airport.

Out to Dinner
Yummy Mexican food!

I love my sister.

I'm so glad she is here. I am enjoying her more than I ever have. I'm so proud of her. So proud to be her sister.  Thanks to all of you who have been lifting her up in prayer and thinking about her. She is doing so well.

I'll blog more about our trip and visits next week!

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