Friday, April 23, 2010

a hole

I don't have Palm Springs pictures for you yet. i can't wait to share them, though, because the boys are so cute. and you haven't seen Noah in forever, so you are in for a BIG surprise!

But, i thought i would let all of you bloggy friends know that I got my nose pierced. Yes, there is a hole in my nose. (you know, besides the 2 that you breathe out of) It's been a couple of months I think, but yes, i did it. I am a wild and crazy rebel! :)

I did it with my awesomely cool friend Sara Beth. John, the boys and I went to the beach with her and her super cool hubby, Gabe, and their beautiful, adorable, sweetie of a girl, Stevie. It was Spring Break, and we decided to act like crazy young non parent kids and get our noses pierced. I'm glad i did it....i've wanted to do it forever!

I don't have a picture where you can see it really well, but i will work on taking one so you can!

I'm hoping that Gabe won't mind me posting a picture or 2 he took of the boys and Stevie. He's a photographer and graphic designer. (I'm so glad John has a good graphic design buddy by the way!) You should check out his work @ (sorry i can't post the direct link- one of these days i will figure out why blogger has stopped allowing me to do it) AND when you head over there, check out the Stop Motion Video that he and John made together. It is A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

Anyways, here are a couple of pictures...

Beautiful children I must say!

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