Tuesday, April 27, 2010

BLAAAHHH and randoms

I bought a scale. I stepped on it. And that's all I want to say about that.

Also, John read my last post and says, "Hey babe, do you realize you titled that last post " 'A' hole" Haha had a good laugh about that. I hope you realized that's not what i was trying to say!

We went to Chuck E. Cheese's last night with the Rosser's and it was a blast! This was Joe's second time to go (first time was just after Noah was born and he wasnt quite old enough to really enjoy it). He loved it! He rode some rides, ate some pizza (which i thought was delicious), played some games, won some tickets, got some prizes, high-fived Chuck E. and on and on.
He LOVED him some Chuck E. (is it Chucky or Chuck E. when you talk about the mouse guy?) when he was a mechanical mouse singing and dancing on the stage, but when he was walking around terrorizing kids- not so much. He worked up enough guts to give him a high five when i was holding them though.
I think Noah would like to live at Chuck E. Cheese's. He was so very content to watch everything that was going on around him, and he looooved some pizza too!
Funniest moment of the night, actually funny isn't the word...I don't know how to describe it. Basically, Sara Beth and I were playing with her daughter Stevie and Joe while John had Noah. John and Gabe were having way too much fun for adults over at ski ball (did i spell that correctly). Well I guess Noah wasn't allowing John to do as well as he would like while holding him, so when Sara Beth and I took the kiddos over to where John and Gabe were focusing intently on their ski ball game, we found poor little Noah sitting strapped in a high chair watching his daddy from behind. he didn't seem to mind at all, but i felt bad for my little guy....

....who is NOT so little anymore! i just realized that he is 11 months old tomorrow. My goodness. It makes since because he is eating big boy food, taking up to 6 steps at a time, and beating up his big brother, but geez, where has the time gone?!?
I've decided that as long as my babies live in my house i am going to slather them down with baby lotion and make them let me rock them or cuddle with them before bed every night. I am so going to miss taking in that precious baby scent as i hold them before bed. :(

Well I'm gonna go spend some time with Noah on his last day of being 10 months old before big bro wakes up.

I'll get together the Palm Springs photos and Chuck E Cheese ones as well!

(and i'm not re reading this post to see if i made any typos, so forget about them if you see one!)

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