Monday, August 17, 2009

woe is me

my goodness.  Joe starts "school" tomorrow.  I am so excited for him, and I know this will be great for him, but I am kinda sad.  A month ago I was looking forward to him starting school, knowing that he would have so much fun and I would have two days to actually take care of my house and get some things done...but now that school time is here, I don't want him to go!!  That's 8 hours less a week that I get to spend with my precious Joe Joe.  I bought him a little back pack at Target yesterday, and I got him a few new clothes.  He is a size 2T now.  Big Boy!!!  So, he is ready to go.  He's going to school at the same church where John works, so John will be taking him to school when he goes to work.  They will have some great guy time together on those mornings.  It's also nice to know that John is in the same building as him.   What am I going to do when he goes to school 5 days a week all day long?!?  Time is flying by!  
Anyways, both of the boys have been sick the last few days.  Colds.  Thankfully no ear infections or fevers.  It's Noah's first time to be sick, and of course, he is only sick because Joe passed on his germs.  Poor guy.  He has been a trooper through all the snot and stuffiness.  I think he is feeling much better today, though.  I hate when they don't feel well.  
Despite the colds, our family had a great weekend!  John and I got to go on a date with another couple Saturday night.  We had a BLAST!  We love Sara Beth and Gabe.  My parents watched the boys at our house.  Everyone had a great time except for Noah.  He wasnt feeling all that well.  Poor guy.  He got lots of love from his Honey and Pops though, and I'm sure that made him feel a lot better.  John and I were supposed to work in the nursery yesterday at church, but both of the boys were sick and i didnt feel too well either, so I stayed home with the boys and John went and ended up running the computer because something came up for the guy that was supposed to run it.  I'm sad that we missed church, but no need to spread germs!  
John had a very busy week last week...working his normal job at Briarwood, but also working on a few freelance projects.  I am so proud of him and his talent and his heart for ministry.  If you haven't seen his website, you should check it out.  CLICK HERE  So I think he really appreciated the weekend.  He has another busy week again this week with more freelance work.
I'm going to take some pictures of the boys this week as soon as I remember to charge the camera! :)  I'll post them when I do.  Hope you all have a great week!!  

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