Friday, January 28, 2011

dates are the best

I love getting to spend alone time with my hubby, especially when we get to do something a little out of the norm. Last night, we dropped the kiddos off at my parents house to spend the night, and John and I went to dinner at Brio's and then headed downtown. I got John tickets to see the Edwin McCain Band with Erick Baker for Christmas. The concert was last night @ Workplay Theatre which is an awesome and intimate venue. Edwin McCain was really great. I only really knew a couple of songs of his from back in the day- "I'll Be" and "I Could Not Ask For More" but I have to say, the rest of his music was awesome and a lot of fun. He is a real musician- not someone who is just all about a performance. He was also hilarious, which i didn't expect. The highlight of the night though, was Erick Baker. He is fairly new on the music seen and he is a new favorite of mine. Go to his website and check him out. SOOOOO GOOD! We met him after the show and bought a c.d., which he signed for us. He was super cool, and again a fantastic musician, who you can tell, is super passionate about what he does. (Man, I'm really bad at writing music reviews- no career ahead of me there.)

I was so thankful to have a night out with John last night. The past couple of weeks have been super stressful, trying to get our home ready and keeping it that way. I feel a little overwhelmed and exhausted, but I'm doing my best to fully trust that the Lord will work all of this out. It was great to get a chance to relax, eat, hear great music, and just BE together.
I can already tell that this new adventure is doing great things for our marriage, which is exciting and very encouraging.

If you want to kick it old school for 4 minutes, head over to my facebook page and check out the video of "I could not ask for more" that i uploaded. I have to admit that it was a highschool boyfriend of mine's and my "song". Pretty funny :)

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